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A Simple Enough Request?

10 Jun


Ya heard??  The Women’s Feminine Products clog up the loo.



This is gonna make your day…

6 May


BEYONCE! You move me.

29 Apr

Boss: Did you see Beyonce do the dougie in that video?

Co-worker: She does a lot more than that…

Me: Say whaaaaaaaa?

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Things I am doing to distract myself from the insane news coverage of the government shutdown (aka food blogs I’m reading and what I want to eat)

8 Apr

By now you’ve probably heard that the government is probably shutting down by midnight tonight. And you’ve also probably heard that its because of Planned Parenthood and abortion funding (which seems asinine because federal funds do not support abortions in the United States under the Hyde Amendment). But I live in Washington, DC, and yeah, sometimes it’s fun and all that, but I have been debating this whole shutdown thing all week and I have a serious headache with all of the insane partisan (buzzword alert!) rhetoric – with members on both sides of the aisle shouting to SHUT IT DOWN.

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