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Let’s Discuss: SlutWalkNYC and Racism

5 Oct

Maureen: Really?

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My blue sequined skirt is not an invitation for you to rape me.

4 Oct

This video popped up on my Tumblr feed today, and I had to share, 1.)  because of the message of the video, and  2.) because of the accents.

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The Meta RE:ACTION – Kelcoh Embraces SlutWalk

18 Aug
Last night I attended the AAUW Re:Action debate on SlutWalk and SlutWalk DC. For those of you unable to attend, it featured a brilliant panel of young women:

I came to the panel with mostly reservations and criticisms of SlutWalk, mostly in regard to its effectiveness as an activist tactic. But as I listened to each of the panelists speak about their experiences with the local event, it became increasingly clear that SlutWalk is not about making a statement to the general public. It’s not even about sexual liberation or semantic reclamation. SlutWalk is about survivors.  Continue reading

Are we smarter than SlutWalk?

12 Aug

 There has been lots of chatter on whether SlutWalk is good, bad, or just ugly. As DC gears up for tomorrow’s SlutWalk, it seems appropriate for some second thoughts on all the hullabaloo. As Dawn so passionately put it earlier this month,

And how dare anyone claim or insinuate that the women and men marching, chanting, and participating in these incredible, widespread grassroots movements are anything less than brave and skilled and successful at exposing imbalances. They have the courage of their convictions, regardless of whether they’re wearing hotpants, a bra and undies, or sweatpants. They are taking to the streets and shouting out against the injustices that countless people face every fucking day.

Yet there’s a solid alternative view here, and it isn’t just held by the old feminist guard. My friend Laura broke down the controversy this way:

Slut tends to mean two things:

  1. A woman who fully and completely enjoys sex, owns her libido, acknowledges fascination with the taboo or fantastical and, simply put, is comfortable with intercourse.  OF COURSE, as a culture, we have to police that behavior.  Since colonial Virginia was founded, women in America have been used to “tame” men, both sexually and interpersonally.  If women refuse that role of virgin/angel, society is going to undergo significant change, and if nothing else is constant, as a group we Americans don’t like it when norms change.
  2. It also means a woman who engages frequently in careless sex.  As a feminist, this is the one I have a problem with.  Women should have all the sex that they want, but the notion of unprotected/unsafe sex as a cause for celebration is ridiculous.  Should women have the right to make that choice? Yes.  Should women be encouraged to consummate unwanted/unplanned for pregnancies or contract and then transmit preventable diseases?  No. 

I love the idea of reclaiming the first definition.  You can count me in for that protest.  However, I want nothing to do with the second definition.

My issue with the SlutWalk is that it seems to lack critical thinking.  The first SlutWalk in Toronto was because an officer said a ridiculous thing, demonstrating his complete lack of critical thinking skills when it comes to gender, sex, and sexuality.  Why on earth would we protest that action by doing the exact same thing?  That doesn’t make the point – that just solidifies the two sides as intractable enemies.  We’re smarter than that.

More thoughts on this as we have them, folks. Stay tuned…..

“I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic.”

21 Jul

Thank you to the inspiring Alice Paul for so succinctly summing up the importance of individual, distinct pieces in the formation of a social movement. A mosaic, indeed.

[Authors note 1: To fully understand the content of this post, I highly recommend that you read this article. This essay, too. If not, and you just want to read the excerpts I directly respond to, that’s cool.]

To Rebecca Traister: When I saw “Clumsy Young Feminists” web headline, I began reading your article with my own prejudices. And then you start with an “I wanted to, but…” statement? [Author’s note 2: Rebecca, I know you didn’t approve that web headline (you just keep digging yourselves deeper, NY Times), but goddammit, I am not a clumsy young feminist.]

I wanted to love SlutWalks…
But at a moment when questions of sex and power, blame and credibility, and gender and justice are so ubiquitous and so urgent, I have mostly felt irritation that stripping down to skivvies and calling ourselves sluts is passing for keen retort.
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Let’s Discuss: SlutWalk and ladies’ personal choice

16 Jun

A couple days ago, Tara sent out an email to Mislabeled about the recent SlutWalk being organized in India, which Kelsey quickly followed with an opinion piece stating that “SlutWalk is repulsive not simply because it’s misguided.”

Women shouldn’t dress like “sluts” not only because it’s foolish, but more importantly, because it undermines so many of the educational and professional accomplishments women have made in recent decades and redirects the conversation back to women’s bodies.

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Slutwalk. Coming to Your City.

18 Apr

If you haven’t already heard about the Toronto Slutwalk, you should definitely check out what some awesome Canadian ladies did on April 3. Basically, a Toronto police officer said that women could avoid being sexually assaulted by not dressing like “sluts.” Oh, hey there, rape culture, great to see you rearing your ugly face again. Not… Continue reading

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