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Better Than Me: Women’s Groups Support Michele Bachmann Over Newsweek Cover

10 Aug

I think women deserve a ton more credit than they are currently getting. I know that in a similar situation I’d never react the same way many of them have over the recent Newsweek cover which depicted Michele Bachmann in a rather sexist way.

First, was the cover actually sexist? I think the Newsweek staff wanted to picture Michele Bachmann in the least flattering way possible. I think they wanted to make her look stupid. The picture, coupled with the “Queen of Rage” caption, successfully made Bachmann look like a crazy. Would a man be treated the same way? By Newsweek maybe, but that’s because they suck. Does that mean it’s not sexist? No, it’s still sexist because it seeks to demote the only women in the race for president based on appearance only. The media did it to Hillary Clinton too and she’s not the only one. But seriously, defending Bachmann?

Bachmann is anti-choice. She thinks that all women should be subservient to men, and asks for her husband’s permission to do basically everything (AND expects all women to act the exact same way).  So what’s to defend? Here’s where I give women’s orgs some serious credit. Continue reading

Surprise Of The Day: Fox News And Megyn Kelly Defend Paid Maternity Leave

8 Aug

I usually disagree with just about everything Megyn Kelly says or stands for. The 1 PM host of America Live, the Fox News Channel’s mid-day opinion show, usually has Kelly spewing right-wing talking points and propaganda. But today something CRAZY happened. Continue reading

Sex addiction & feminism: Where’s the victory?

13 Jun

This morning, in light of Weinergate, Slate.com reposted an article from Feb. 2010 called, In Defense of Sex Addicts. Author Hanna Rosin, in originally discussing the Tiger Woods sex scandal, cites a couple of authors who have waited for this “sex addiction” thing to blow up. Her general claim is as follows:

 Not so long ago, there was no easy way at all to publicly shame a celebrity pig or even any ordinary pig. The term sex addict does some of that work, and its introduction into the psychiatric idiom could be considered an important moment in feminist history. Suddenly, certain brutish behaviors that used to be overlooked were exiled as abnormal. And in the clinical literature, the word promiscuous came to primarily describe not hysterical women but rather predatory men.

I see this as saying, Hey, men with mistresses and all that jazz, no need to feel bad. You were just a sex addict. This seems to go against everything I think the feminist movement stands for : creating equal rights and promoting respect for women and humanity as a whole. In fact, the creation of the term “sex addiction” actually hurts the feminist cause. Continue reading

We’re tired of talking about Republicans and abortion, but they won’t let us stop

3 May

I’ve heard of some pretty bad ideas by Republicans, but this one is not only the cruelest but also the dumbest one yet. The Oklahoma GOP is attempting to change the Oklahoma nutrition bill so that independent contractors, such as Planned Parenthood, could not give out food vouchers to poor women and children. THAT’S RIGHT. THEY WANT TO STOP WOMEN WHO HAD BABIES AND DIDN’T GET ABORTIONS FROM EATING.

Woo, glad I got that out of my system. Now to the details

Continue reading

Biden gets sexual violence on campus right (Now it’s your turn)

6 Apr

“No means no, if you’re drunk or you’re sober. No means no if you’re in bed, in a dorm or on the street. No means no even if you said yes at first and you changed your mind. No means No.” Continue reading

Anti-abortion bill is constitutional because a bishop says so

10 Feb

On Tuesday, a Congressional hearing was held on the constitutionality of the highly controversial H.R. 3 bill, aka The No Taxpayer Funding For Abortions Act. This being a hearing on the constitutionality of the bill (which is also somewhat suspect), House Republicans decided to support the bill on moral grounds. Confusing, no?

Sadly, the Republicans apparently didn’t get the whole constitution message, because each decided to talk about how much of an abomination abortion is and forget about that silly document they claim to uphold. You know, the one about individual liberties and freedoms?

Thankfully the extremely pro-life Republican panel had some shrewd “insight” into the constit- uhh moral problems with our current NON-TAXPAYER FUNDING (see Hyde Amendment) of abortions. After the obligatory Planned Parenthood bashing by Rep. Mike Pence, fellow Republican Rep. Steve King  brought out a chart showing how a partial birth abortion is performed, asking if the panelists would be morally opposed to watching the procedure themselves.

The constitutional debate didn’t stop there. Witness Richard Doerflinger of the pro-life U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops decided he was going espouse his philosophy on why rape-based provisions in abortion legislation shouldn’t be there.  He stated:

I’ve met some kids who were conceived in rape, they and their mothers are great people and they are glad it was not an abortion. The objection [to the word forcible] … was people saying it doesn’t mean that rape already means forcible so if you say forcible rape that’s redundant.

Uhh, what?

I would not know what it is like to have a pregnancy resulting from rape. And these women who decided to have their children despite the horrific process are no doubt courageous.

But at the end of the day it was their choice to have that child. Just because Mr. Doerflinger believes something and he has found others who agree, do0esn’t make it the law of the land.  If that’s the way America worked, then we would not have a democracy based upon rights, but an authoritarian government based on the whims of those in power. (Goodbye, Constitution.)

Lastly, “forcible rape” is not redundant. Last time I checked, this addition is a big deal, as it allows for a reinterpretation of our own rape statutes. That means potentially the bill would lead a judge to say that a drug or alcohol-induced rape is not rape anymore.

Mr. Doerflinger proves there are  people in this country who would not mind restricting the rights granted to us in the Constitution (you know, that document the hearing was on) on the basis of their moral agenda.  I believe Ms. Rosenbaum said it best: “I prefer actually to keep my moral positions out of this hearing; I have very strongly held religious and moral views on many things.”

This post is brought to you by Salvatore.

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