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Let’s Discuss: Good Men

29 Nov

Chloe: I don’t want to kill the buzz but this article has been floating around my newsfeed and I thought it was a good read.


I wrote a typical Chloe diatribe on my Facebook (posted below) and will probably read the article again and think more on it — I want to give a disclaimer first and point out that I agree with mostly all of what the author is saying: I work with a community of men that has fundamentally changed my own feminism because I FEEL so much better now what it is like to be a poor (and/or) black/Hispanic man, at least in urban Westchester/NYC communities.  And I do not feel like these men are necessarily “my enemies” anymore — while a lot of them do horrible things (including rape and murder, oh god no) and should be held accountable, I wonder how many of them would make the same decisions were it not for the same system that encourages patriarchy in the first place?  Anyway.  But my main thing is that it reminds me of this blog I read awhile back about Schrodinger’s rapist.. lemme see… here it is!

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My blue sequined skirt is not an invitation for you to rape me.

4 Oct

This video popped up on my Tumblr feed today, and I had to share, 1.)  because of the message of the video, and  2.) because of the accents.

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Is reporting campus sexual assault a dead end?

22 Jun

The woman’s father called the Rev. Thomas Doyle, a high-ranking Notre Dame administrator, to express his anger. After listening to his concerns, Doyle suggested they pray together over the telephone, the father said.

“We’re as Catholic as they come,” the woman’s mother said. “But are you serious? Pray on this? That was not good enough.”

The woman now wonders if she should have ever reported the incident to police. An estimated 95 percent of college students who are victimized do not report sexual-related crimes to law enforcement, according to a study funded by the Justice Department.

“It’s a long, painful process, and in the end, nothing happened,” she said. “The only way a boy would be guilty is if he said, ‘Oh, yes, I did rape her.'”

– From the Chicago Tribune.

We wonder why conviction rates for rapes are so low…

16 Jun



from nocopsinsight

Let’s Discuss: Rihanna’s New Video

2 Jun

(via email)

Tara: Have you guys seen this?

[Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ video ‘inexcusable,’ parent group says – CNN.com]

Here’s the video: 

Dawn: So I watched this yesterday. Honestly, I in no way condone violence, but this is a music video; a piece of performance art that is an interpretation of a musical work. I think it’s powerful.

In the Bad Romance video, Gaga is captured, bid on, and bought for sex by some group of skeezy guys. She burns him crispy with her fire bra thing at the end. I don’t remember a controversy around that?

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The Strauss-Kahn ‘Rape’

23 May

This comic brought to you by Matt Bors. It originally appeared on campusprogress.org, and is re-posted with permission. 

I guess I’m glad I’m not European?

17 May

Hey remember all that stuff us feminists made up about a rape culture in America that perpetuates cycles of violence against women?  Well the French are calling our bluff. That’s right biddies, they have figured out our evil, jealous plot to bring down the men who just want to love us.  Of course by love, they actually mean fuck… pardon my French. (Pun intended. Zing!)

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Get yo jeans on, gurl

26 Apr

Tomorrow is Denim Day!

That means you should wear jeans as a visible protest against misconceptions surrounding sexual assault (AKA if a person is wearing jeans no one can rape them because the survivor would have to help take the jeans off).

It’s all part of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. And since we have to do more than just raise consciousness, you best be wearing your jeans.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who can never find jeans that fit.

The Real Bull Honkey on Campus Sexual Assault

5 Apr

Listen all you crazy loud-mouth feminists: all this jibber jabber about the ‘rape epidemic’ on college campuses in America is total bull honkey invented by a bunch of sluts who are blaming innocent men for women’s deplorable, alcohol-induced self-degradation.

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A shitty reminder of why we’re feminists

29 Mar

If you haven’t seen it yet, the New York Times has published a follow-up article on the Texas gang-rape story. We posted shortly after the story broke and will be writing our own follow-up soon, after we’ve talked through our reactions—emotional, logical, practical.  Until then, we’d like to share one of our writer’s initial thoughts….  Continue reading

Redefining Rape Is Needless (and Shitty)

1 Feb

If you’re reading this post, you probably already know about H.R. 3. You know, the nasty House of Representatives’ bill that ends taxpayer funds for abortion for ever and always, amen, while sneaking in a redefinition of rape.

The  bill sucks for plenty of reasons that don’t need to be hashed out here.  (Although I must say that it’s very anti-business in that it pressures  insurance companies to stop offering abortion coverage, among other things. Oh wait. Pro-business Republicans are sponsoring it? Well now I’m just confused…. )

But I digress. The bills’ redefinition of rape is truly horrifying: It ignores the realities of silence and confusion that accompany so many rapes, especially those on our college campuses, and it displays the disgusting insensitivity of many of our representatives when it comes  to women and the issues we face.

Time magazine has an outstanding blog that explains just how disgusting this redefinition is, because there is absolutely no need for it.

Regardless, the bill got me wondering: How does a woman go about getting Medicaid funding for an abortion if she’s been raped (one of the three situations–along with a pregnancy that threatens the life of the mother or one caused by incest–for which the Hyde Amendment allows federal money to cover abortion services)? Is it just a matter of walking into an abortion clinic, declaring you’ve been raped, and getting a check from Medicaid four weeks later to cover the cost of the abortion?

Not exactly. Eligibility rules under the Hyde exceptions differ by state, but many states are like Tennessee, which requires a doctor to certify that “there is credible evidence to believe that the pregnancy is the result of rape” and to attach “documentation from a law enforcement agency indicating the patient has made a credible report as the victim of incest or rape” before Medicaid will consider issuing payment for an abortion procedure. As for the idea that there are all sorts of women filing false reports of rape, rape is consistently the most under-reported of all violent crimes. People aren’t lining up to claim sexual assaults that did happen, much less those that didn’t.

So if this redefinition won’t save our government billions of dollars (and really, that seems to be the only justification Congress can find for anything these days), then what is it all about? Why is Congress needlessly redefining something that most of these old white  guys don’t understand?

And most importantly, what can we do to stop them?

Reading the many intelligent blog posts is a running start to ending this hijack. But we’ve got to do more than move our eyes back and forth across the screen.

So. May I suggest three easy ways to take action:

1. Call your representative. If s/he is supporting the bill, chew their ear out. (Here are some guidelines…)

2. Threaten to write a letter to the editor. Then write a letter to the editor. Do something that will get through to these blind dogs.

3. Spread the word. Tell your grandma, your aunts, your sorority sisters, your best friends, your friend(s) with benefits —  we owe it to the survivors of rape to stop this shitty bill from going any further.

This post is brought to you by Rachel.

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