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G-chats: Call Me Maybe Edition

22 Aug

Tara:  Here’s something for Mislabeled, perhaps?

Rachel:  Or this?

 Tara:  Oh wow, this is WAY better than the College Republicans ‘Call Me Maybe’ cover.
This post is brought to you by Google, which also agrees that ladies do it better than CRs.

Let’s Discuss: Good Men

29 Nov

Chloe: I don’t want to kill the buzz but this article has been floating around my newsfeed and I thought it was a good read.


I wrote a typical Chloe diatribe on my Facebook (posted below) and will probably read the article again and think more on it — I want to give a disclaimer first and point out that I agree with mostly all of what the author is saying: I work with a community of men that has fundamentally changed my own feminism because I FEEL so much better now what it is like to be a poor (and/or) black/Hispanic man, at least in urban Westchester/NYC communities.  And I do not feel like these men are necessarily “my enemies” anymore — while a lot of them do horrible things (including rape and murder, oh god no) and should be held accountable, I wonder how many of them would make the same decisions were it not for the same system that encourages patriarchy in the first place?  Anyway.  But my main thing is that it reminds me of this blog I read awhile back about Schrodinger’s rapist.. lemme see… here it is!

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Let’s Discuss: SlutWalkNYC and Racism

5 Oct

Maureen: Really?

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Conversations with your fiancé

30 Aug

Me: Here’s what you should buy me as a housewarming gift — http://shop.occulter.org/products/half-a-person

Fiancé: Yeah, great idea.

I’ll buy you the $200 candle

because I love you.

(Read this —http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2031502/Hands-snooze-button-Wake-tired-Heres-bounce-bed.html?ITO=1490 )

Me: I declare. Can we just be independently wealthy already? So we can pretend to dabble in photography and write long, illegible essays on the beauty of the failure of baseball in Moleskins that we keep in a color-coded fashion on bookshelves in our cabin in Maine?

And you can be an amateur cabinet maker who makes every cabinet, chair, and cajigger in our cabin?

But of course we will also need an apartment in Brooklyn…. ok. Let’s work on that.

Fiancé: Ok;

Let’s start tomorrow,

I’m busy today.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who pronounces fiancé like feeee-auuuuunnnsssss-A.

Let’s Discuss: The new Lady phone

11 Aug

Verizon is set to sell a new Android phone called the HTC Bliss, a seafoam-green phone made just for the ladies. With a little charm that lights up when you get a text, the phone is rumored to come with a calorie counter and a shopping app already programmed in.

CUE CONTROVERSY. Mislabeled ladies, please discuss. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: SlutWalk and ladies’ personal choice

16 Jun

A couple days ago, Tara sent out an email to Mislabeled about the recent SlutWalk being organized in India, which Kelsey quickly followed with an opinion piece stating that “SlutWalk is repulsive not simply because it’s misguided.”

Women shouldn’t dress like “sluts” not only because it’s foolish, but more importantly, because it undermines so many of the educational and professional accomplishments women have made in recent decades and redirects the conversation back to women’s bodies.

The following debate ensued….. Continue reading

Yo DC! Come drink with us on Tuesday!

10 Jun

We are taking the Mislabeled conversation to new places – happy hour! At a bar! In D.C.! I hope you live there so you can come!

Here are the deets.

Who: Mislabeled writers, and The American Association of University Women (our lovely hosts who hold a monthly D.C. happy hour called Cocktails and Convos).

What: Chocolate! Adult beverages! Good conversation (until the wine kicks in…)!

Where:  Co Co. Sala, a chocolate lounge located near the Verizon Center in Chinatown.

When: Tuesday, June 14th @ 5 to 7:30 PM.

Why: As the editor of Mislabeled, a contributor to AAUW’s blog Dialog, and a lover of many lady blogs, I’m fascinated with the way the Internet opens doors for the women’s issues community to meet, greet, discuss, and make things happen. We can raise awareness of poor media coverage. We can talk with someone who lives in a different country or on a different continent. We can debate what it means to be feminist and how we should talk with each other. But those conversations don’t take place in a vacuum. They are about the real world, and so they (should) have an impact on that world. That’s why real-world events like Cocktails and Convos are just as important as blogs. And that’s why I really, really, really want you to come hang out with all of us on Tuesday.

So please join me, AAUW, and your favorite Mislabeled writers (we are your faves, no?) as we clink glasses, eat chocolate, and make new Facebook friends. Hope to see you there.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who promises to buy you a drink if you come. Maybe.

What happens if you read the NYT Style Magazine

7 Jun

Every once in a great while, I dream that my dad is a wealthy banker or boring accountant instead of a preacher.

I visit him in his lovely office, and sit on his lap with my shiny new Style magazine and say, Daddy, I need this.

And he says, OK, and he laughs, and hugs me, and calls me Chi-Chi Bug.

Then I write him a poem that goes something like this: Continue reading

OH YOU FANCY HUH: Sleepover Edition

3 Jun

One time, I slept on a futon with three of my best friends.

It was kind of like the time I slept on the top bunk bed with my two sisters, except I wasn’t 8; I was 23. And it was awesome

All sleepovers are awesome, in theory. But as we all know, they can turn nasty quick. Try to shaving cream some sleeping biddie at your party and you may quickly realize she’s fully awake and coming at you with her fists. Not cool.

But sleepovers don’t have to be like that if you just get a little fancy with them. So without further poor storytelling… wait, come on, one more? Please? OK, real quick. Continue reading

Karmin Softens Nicki’s Super Bass, Fails

3 Jun

We like the cover band Karmin around here. Their “Look At Me Now” cover was on repeat for days, and it’s because the lady sings it better than the original. That’s how covers work.

But you’ve got to snort some cocaine confidence if you think you can do something better than Nicki Minaj. Like, you should be high, or a musical genius. (Ask T-Swift.)  Which is why I was shocked and slightly embarrassed when Karmin tried to cover “Super Bass.” Not only does the cover fail in replicating Nicki’s stalk-your-office rap style, it also just gets it wrong. You can’t take a song about a kick-ass bass and soften it. It’s no good. Like a mayonnaise sandwich. Gross.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who suggests Karmin lay off the cocaine and try a Gaga cover instead…..

OH YOU FANCY HUH? Graduation guide

13 May

Heyoh! Happy May times! What a great month this is. Everyone is masturbating, and graduating, and it is just a cool time to be a young person, no?

It’s also a cool time to be fancy. Of course, you can be fancy while masturbating, but I can’t talk about that right now. This is a family column, and by that I mean my mama reads this, and so there will be no talk of that, fancy or not. Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday, Coke!

9 May

OK, so Coca Cola just turned 125 years old yesterday, and we missed it.

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Now In Theaters: Your Mom

4 May

Mother’s Day, the 24-hour period when we celebrate the original feminists, is a-coming. And we think you should go above and beyond this year for your mama. I mean, definitely keep the home-cooked meals, the coupons for free vacuuming, and the floral-scented candles. But add in something a little extra. You know, like your mom’s very own movie.

And per usual, Mislabeled can help you out. Check out this customizable video announcing your mother as the star of an upcoming movie.

This sappy, short video is a faux movie trailer for “world’s greatest mom” (AKA my mom!) starring your favorite mom(s)

You have to see it to believe it. Watch it here!

Send this video to all your favorite moms so that they can become the star of their own movie. It’s inspiring, it honors mothers, plus it educates folks about economic issues facing mothers, which is something all mothers will likely appreciate.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, whose Mama makes excellent chocolate pudding and sends the most high-larious text messages.


3 May

Can someone drive their car here and pick me up from work? With this guy in the backseat?

Then we can get some ice cream and let the sun burn our faces.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who has a sunburned face and a need for Friday.

OH YOU FANCY HUH: Wedding Edition

29 Apr

Today, as you all know, is the event that will not be named*.

If you came to Mislabeled thinking we would be gushing about the event we shall not name, well you should just get lost. Go to another blog that will exploit some poor couple’s event to get page views. We don’t stoop that low. We are too fancy (AND AMERICAN) to care about  nasty people who tax other people who aren’t represented. (Sorry, Republicans, today I’m not talking about you.)

OK, with that out of the way. LET’S TALK ABOUT WEDDINGS! Continue reading

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