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Being a Boy Feminist

15 Aug


(Thanks to Chloe for sharing this!)

Can you just, run into the store and buy me tampons?

9 Aug

In this experiment, a girl has left her bike lock at home and asks male passers-by to run into the drug store and buy her some tampons. See the hilarious, and eye-opening, lengths people go to in order to avoid the embarrassment of buying tampons.

I remember when I first got my period. Continue reading

Open Letter to the Men I’ve Casually Dated

5 May

To the Men I’ve Casually Dated:

I would ask how it’s going, but I already know. I know because I’m not afraid to look you up, or say hi, or meet you for drinks, even. I know because keeping up with you doesn’t torment me. I’m glad to know you’re doing well; I’m glad you’re there to Like my Facebook status, I’m glad we never made it to the point of no return.

What we had wasn’t epic, it wasn’t eternal – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t special. We swapped stories and spit; most times, we shared more than that. Beds. Meals. Toothbrushes. We met each other’s friends, but not each other’s families. That was good enough, wasn’t it? Great, even. We devoured each other’s details; we ate up the minutiae like every date was Thanksgiving. My mind felt fatter every time I left you; it was pregnant with wonder. You never gave yourself away and I’d think, “As it should be.”

Of course, it wasn’t perfect. Continue reading

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