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HUMP DAY: The Best Month of the Year

11 May

Happy Hump Day! And hey – its May! You know what May is? National Masturbation Month!

That’s right. Its a whole month dedicated to the safest sex possible! It was apparently started by Good Vibrations, a sex education and toy shop based out of San Francisco (of course) to increase awareness about masturbation in the public and private spheres, as well as increase education around masturbation and sexual health.

I remember reading an issue of Seventeen wayy back when, and they had an article about how often it’s ok to “hit the sheets, solo style.” (I believe the answer was something along the lines of “everything in moderation”) I was pleased to see that Seventeen is still repping a solo-sex-positive stance. They’re even busting some myths about the “m-word,” Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Charts and Things

20 Apr

Sweet font, right? Its llama font. I thought it was mildly appropriate for HUMP DAY! That’s right. As you may know, its my third favorite day of the week.

(Probably if you’re at work and people can see your computer screen, here’s a general blanket statement that some of these links may or may not come with a minimal amount of risk.)

Tons of blogs are talking about OKCupid’s new sex charts – and why Jewish women aren’t tweeting/masturbating. Here are my favorites, a special treat for you on hump day!  Continue reading

Stroke it!

28 Mar

This Choice USA video rolled into my inbox this morning and I had to share it with everyone just because of the sheer weirdness of it. Probably the best way to tackle this video is to lay it all out in words:

The video starts out with this bizarre music yelling “stroke it!” while Strokey the Penguin explains to you why contraception should be recognized as prevention under healthcare reform and why you should encourage government to require insurance companies to provide it without co-pays.  Here are the reasons (in reverse order?):

5. Most folks – 62% of women ages 15 to 44 – are already using some form of contraception (Strokey: “For all the strokin’ they are doin’”)

4. Contraception is expensive! Its no wonder that in 2008, 17.4 million women needed publicly funded contraception services. (Strokey: “My co-pays are completely bogus”)

3. Lots of folks are having sex, and some folks – 7 in 10 women of reproductive age – don’t want to get pregnant while doing it. (Strokey says: “Keep on strokin’”)

2. Promise rings and virginity pledges don’t work for everyone. (Strokey: “I can’t even wear rings!”)

1. Contraception is prevention. It saves money. It saves lives. (Strokey: “Word.”)

Meanwhile, the music in the background is saying “I stroke it to the east I stroke it to the west, and I stroke it to the woman that I love the best.”  …?

But yes, Strokey makes a few good points. Especially the one about masturbation. And also that he can’t wear rings because he doesn’t have fingers. #keeponstrokin

This post was brought to you by Tara, whose co-pays are also completely bogus.

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