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Sassy Suri Cruise Cures the Rainy Day blues…

26 Aug

I don’t know about you, but this day is drraagggging. It doesn’t help that we are all getting ready to feel the wrath of Hurrican Irene (post-earthquake of course).

Alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A little gem that my friend Sienna sent to me—Suri’s burn book. This amazing blog is written from the point of view of Suri Cruise about the missteps of celebrity children. She seems to have strong opinions about the Jolie-Pitt crew, as well as the daughters of Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck. (She’s a rich girl, and she’s gone too far…)

Check out some of my favorites so far (Note, you will get sucked in, don’t feel guilty about sitting back and reading all of the posts in one sitting):

August 24, 2011

I think I could be friends with Naleigh Kelley, daughter of Katherine Heigl. Not just because the print on that dress is super-cute and because having Asian friends is trendy, but also because the rumor is that Naleigh doesn’t really like her mom. (And by rumor, I mean Mrs. Kelley has talked about it in the press.)

I can relate because my relationship with my mother is complicated, too, and also because Katherine Heigl is JUST THE WORST.

Or this one… Continue reading

Thanks, DSK, we’ll take it from here

30 Jun

At least one positive note has come out of the whole DSK scandal—the new head of the International Monetary Fund is a lady!

Christine Lagarde is the first woman to head the IMF and is the 11th European to hold the top position. Fresh off of serving as the Finance Minister of France, (the first woman ever to serve in that role in a G-8 country) she is hoping to bring about change to the rigid institution.

“In my interview at the IMF with all the 24 administrators, there was not one single woman. So while I was being questioned for three hours by 24 men, I thought it’s good that things are changing a little.”

She has set a goal to have at least 25 percent of manager positions go by women by 2014. Currently, only 20 percent of managers at the IMF are women, compared to the World Bank, which employs 36 percent in management positions. Let’s hope that she advocates as a voice for women in the workplace and in the developing world. She definitely has a challenge ahead of her, but she was named the 17th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2009, so I’m sure she is up for the challenge.

This post is brought to you by Laura, who is, was, and always will be a birthday girl.

Defending feminism on the flip cup table

19 May

Laura's lovely kickball team!

Thursday mornings are always a little rough for me, because I have kickball on Wednesday evenings. For those of you not familiar with “adult kickball,” yes it is the same game you played in elementary school but with a lot more drinking. Continue reading

Modern-Day Objects

7 Apr

I often spend my days perusing the Internets searching for interesting websites to distract me from the mundane routine that is my job. I appreciate Huffington Post’s feature “7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Your Time on Right Now.” Last week, they featured this gem, I Always Wondered—which the creator describes as an ADD project equipped with wonderful graphics.

He poses this question, Continue reading

In case he didn’t pull out in time…

28 Mar


…then consider using emergency contraception.

Still not convinced? Here are some other fucking awesome reasons to use emergency contraceptives:

1 — “Because if you don’t remember his last name, you probably didn’t remember to use a fucking condom.”
2 — “You’re making a run to Walgreens for Advil and Gatorade anyway.”
3 — “Getting pregnant after you didn’t even get off would be the fucking cherry on top.”
4 — “It’s easier to ask a pharmacist about emergency contraception than to deal with the fucking harassers outside the abortion clinic.”

This last one is super applicable because I walk past the crazy lady reading the Bible in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic every day. [Ed. Note – not every crazy person reads the Bible, and not every Bible reader is crazy.]

I could go on listing them, but really just go read them for yourself. Also, I feel obligated to tell you that the comedy comes from Back Up Your Birth Control,” which took its cue from the whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar website and others that surfaced a few months ago. Also, BUYBC is, according to its website:

a national campaign committed to raising awareness of and expanding access to emergency contraception (EC). While significant progress has been made to expand access, there’s still work to be done. You can help spread the word about EC by taking part in the National Day of Action on Wednesday, March 30, 2011.


This post is brought to you by Laura, who speaks from experience…

Happy World Water Day

22 Mar

Did you walk miles for the water you brushed your teeth with, showered in, or cooked with? Or did you just turn on the faucet without a thought?

In one day, over 200 million hours of women’s time is spent collecting water. That’s because in most developing countries, women and girls carry the burden of collecting water for their family or village. They may have to walk several miles to the water source, which is valuable time they could be spending going to school or working.

Take the time today to think about where your water is coming from, and how many miles a young girl might have to walk to collect enough water for your 15- minute shower. You don’t need to guilt trip yourself — just be thankful and aware.

Also — check out these outstanding organizations working to provide worldwide access to clean water. Follow the discussion with activists on Twitter with the #WorldWaterDay hashtag.

This post is brought to you by Laura, our international expert.

It’s OK to throw like a girl

22 Feb

Throughout my childhood, whenever anyone would ask me “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would respond “a professional baseball player.” My dad shared his love of baseball with me and taught me all about the game. When it was time to sign up for Little League, I  was devastated to find out I had to play softball; girls were not allowed to play baseball. But my hopes were lifted when I saw A League of Their Own, in which Tom Hanks’ character declares: “there’s no crying in baseball.” It was the first glimmer of hope that maybe there was hope for my dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

Obviously, I’ve moved on to other things, but I’m still a baseball phanatic. But young girls who have a similar dream now have a new role model who is a bit better than Tom Hanks. Yesterday, Justine Siegal was the first woman to pitch batting practice to a major league team. She pitched to a few batters of the Cleveland Indians and is due to pitch on Wednesday to the Oakland Athletics. This isn’t the first time Siegal has paved the way for women in baseball — she was the first female coach of a professional baseball team, the Brockton Rox.

When she took the mound yesterday, Siegal donned an Indians jersey with a patch in memory of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, who was killed in the January 8th shootings in Tucson. Christina was a lover of baseball and the only girl on her Little League team. Now her memory can live on in the majors.

Siegal’s got some other great projects to open up baseball for everyone, including a nonprofit called Baseball for All.

Look for her on the mound tomorrow as she faces batters from the Oakland Athletics in Phoenix, Arizona.

This post is brought to you by Laura.

Doritos bring your pepaw back to life, and other thoughts on Super Bowl ads

7 Feb

Today, water cooler chatter in offices around the country started off the same way for most people, “So how about that game last night?” followed by “Did you see that commercial? You know, that one!”

Now that the “World Champions” of football have been determined, (don’t even get me started on why they are called “World” champions when only teams from the U.S. compete) the focus is on which commercials finished first with viewers.

USA Today released its 23rd annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, ranking the top 61 commercials based on viewer responses.  This year, there was a tie for first place. Bud Light and Doritos scored highest with the viewers, featuring dogs behaving like humans. The commercials that scored the lowest ratings were most of the rather sexist ads (Pepsi Max being a disappointing exception). GoDaddy.com received the second lowest ratings (behind Hyundai) and failed to draw viewers to their site with implied nudism. In this case, sex didn’t sell, even with the trifecta of Jillian Michaels, Danica Patrick and Joan Rivers. Kim Kardashian’s sexy Skechers ad also failed to impress viewers, coming in at 48 on the list. Not only are Skechers some fugly shoes, but who isn’t tired of Kim Kardashian’s ass showing up everywhere? On behalf of half the country, we thank you, viewers, for being awesome.

Moving on — Stella Artois attempted to appeal to women by featuring Adrien Brody serenading a glass of Stella. I guess viewers don’t want to watch women crying over a man for a minute, because the ad came in at 57 on the list, right behind the tasteless GoDaddy ads.

Recent trends have been calling out traditional gender stereotypes, like this Chevy Camaro ad that (maybe?) critiques the advertising industry. Of course, as some companies move forward to break down traditional gender roles, others like Pepsi Co. continue to enforce gender roles.

On an unrelated note, this lady only enjoyed the Super Bowl because it marked the END of football season and the beginning of baseball season (Go Phils!).

In case you didn’t get your fill of ads, check out this hilarious blog featuring commercials featuring bad ass animals.

This post is brought to you by Laura.

Jezebel’s Witch Hunt

5 Jan

I read Jezebel on the regular. I read it because I like it, because it’s usually a decent, entertaining blog with feminist leanings.

Today, however, was an exception.

While perusing the headlines on Jezebel my eye was drawn to the headlines along the top of the page. The superficial side of me clicked on the story with the photo of the hot guy titled “Princeton Alums, State Dept. Staffer Run Revolting Sex Contest.”

Three photos of guys in their twenties appeared below the headline. I spit out my coffee when I noticed the brother of a high school acquaintance smiling back at me. The same kid who graduated in the top of his class, went to Princeton, and came to my soccer games was linked to this scandalous email thread.

I won’t go in to the nitty gritty of the email thread; you can read it yourself on Jezebel, Huffington Post, or IvyGate, if you want to give them the page views. Suffice it to say that the thread is disgusting, misogynistic and repulsive. There’s no question that it goes against everything feminism stands for, in terms of treating people with dignity and respect.

But there is a question about what Jezebel is trying to accomplish by publicly humiliating these guys. I realize they are trying to prove a point — that some men are assholes, douchebags, really, and cannot be trusted. But is airing their dirty laundry for  all the internets to see really the right way to go about it?

At the time of writing this, the story on Jezebel has over 111k views, 1,242 comments and 607 “likes” on Facebook. If I “liked” this story right now on Facebook, it would most likely appear on my friend’s news feed. My friend, who attended an Ivy League school, has supportive parents, and comes from a normal suburban family, would be able to read all about her brother’s sexcapades. How am I supposed to feel, knowing that my fellow middle school softball teammate and school newspaper colleague will get the sickest feeling in her stomach while reading something her brother never intended for her eyes, or anyone else’s, really?

Let me pause for a moment and make something clear: I am not condoning the behavior in the emails.

But. Who doesn’t talk about sex? As a woman in my early twenties, I frequently go to brunch with my friends where our main topic of conversation is what guys we are currently dating/ trying to get attention from and all of the juicy details that go along with it. How is their email thread any different from our brunch conversations? They aren’t living in the same city so they have to keep each other informed; it’s their version of brunch. Not one I would condone or approve of, but then again, I wasn’t invited.

And neither was Jezebel. It seems that this has turned into a bit of a witch hunt. Instead of fighting the culture of misogyny, this well-respected blog is trying to fight the individuals themselves. But it seems to me that this kind of targeting, complete with mass hysteria and self-righteousness, won’t lead to the outcomes we want.

What do you think? Has this gone too far? And is there a better way to fight this kind of harmful culture than calling out people one by one?

This post was brought to you by Laura.

Happy World Orgasm Day!

21 Dec

I’m a big fan of Twitter.  And I really like to change my trending topic from city to city to see what’s going on, especially in Philadelphia (home of the hottest baseball team).

Today, I changed my trending topic city from Washington, DC to Germany after  noticing yesterday that you can change the list to include countries. (It is always interesting to me to see what people around the world are talking about.)

Needless to say, I was quite shocked when I saw the top trending topic was #Weltorgasmustag.

Translation: World Orgasm Day.

When I finally stopped laughing, I went to the Googles to see if this is a legit holiday or just something crazy the Germans made up. I found this charming article, auf Deutsch, but to sum it up, the theory is if everyone is out having sex and having amazing orgasms nobody will be fighting and there will be peace in the world.

Therefore, orgasms=world peace.

Get to it ladies…

This post is brought to you by Laura. Follow her on Twitter @laurablyler.

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