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The Meta RE:ACTION – Kelcoh Embraces SlutWalk

18 Aug
Last night I attended the AAUW Re:Action debate on SlutWalk and SlutWalk DC. For those of you unable to attend, it featured a brilliant panel of young women:

I came to the panel with mostly reservations and criticisms of SlutWalk, mostly in regard to its effectiveness as an activist tactic. But as I listened to each of the panelists speak about their experiences with the local event, it became increasingly clear that SlutWalk is not about making a statement to the general public. It’s not even about sexual liberation or semantic reclamation. SlutWalk is about survivors.  Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: The new Lady phone

11 Aug

Verizon is set to sell a new Android phone called the HTC Bliss, a seafoam-green phone made just for the ladies. With a little charm that lights up when you get a text, the phone is rumored to come with a calorie counter and a shopping app already programmed in.

CUE CONTROVERSY. Mislabeled ladies, please discuss. Continue reading

No Doesn’t Mean No Until You Say it Twice – Part II

25 Jul
Last week I wrote a post that brought the notion of male persistence and female coyness up for debate. I questioned whether there might be a subconscious, or otherwise, “cat and mouse” game at play. Then this weekend I caught my very own subconscious playing tricks on me. There I was, at a bar, in the presence of a boy-that’s-a-friend who is good-looking. I was flirting with him (and he was flirting with me) and we started dancing with each other. And I noticed that I kept playfully pushing him away with an accompanying giggle, as if to say, “Oh, you! You stop that!” But the thing is, I didn’t really want him to stop that. Why was I pushing away his advances? Because to “give in” to him so quickly, so easily, would mean I was just “being had.” Ah-ha! And so I had caught myself playing into this illogical dynamic. I said to myself, “Fuck that; don’t be coy. If you want it, let it happen.”  So I did. Continue reading

No Doesn’t Mean No Until You Say It Twice – Part I

20 Jul
Not too long ago, a friend and I were gossiping and dishing about our recent life adventures, as we often do. He started telling me about his weekend and a night out dancing with a past hook-up:On the dance floor, he kissed her, but she didn’t kiss back and she told him she “couldn’t.” So my friend said okay and backed off. But as the night went on, they continued dancing, and she started, “dancing into,” him. Taking this as a cue, my friend went in for the kiss again. This time, she kissed him back and the night ended at her place.

When I heard this story I was dumbfounded. Our conversation went something like this:
Continue reading

Beauty: In the Eye of the Beehive

17 Jun

Last weekend, Tara, Ellen, and I visited my hometown for Bawlmer Honfest, an annual festival, “honoring of the working women of America.” In many ways, Honfest is a celebration of femininity and glamour, which is sort of interesting since Baltimore is hardly a glamorous city. Beauty is expressed and embraced differently on this weekend in downtown Hampden – something I tried to capture when I was photographing the crowds. Below are some images from our Sunday together

Continue reading

Let’s Discuss: SlutWalk and ladies’ personal choice

16 Jun

A couple days ago, Tara sent out an email to Mislabeled about the recent SlutWalk being organized in India, which Kelsey quickly followed with an opinion piece stating that “SlutWalk is repulsive not simply because it’s misguided.”

Women shouldn’t dress like “sluts” not only because it’s foolish, but more importantly, because it undermines so many of the educational and professional accomplishments women have made in recent decades and redirects the conversation back to women’s bodies.

The following debate ensued….. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: A mother talks gender roles, child-rearing, and feminism

7 May

For this Mother’s Day Eve post, I interviewed my cousin Megan, who will be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day with adorable baby Kai Alexander and husband Jeremy.

MISLABELED:     How has motherhood made you more or less appreciative of the female form?

MEGAN: I have become more aware of what my body is capable of – being able to create and give birth to a child as well as to breastfeed that child has given me a whole new respect for my body.

MISLABELED:     What motivated you and Jeremy’s decision to wait until Kai was born to find out his sex?

MEGAN: A large part of the motivation for me was I didn’t want to have a lot of boy or girl themes to the nursery and all our baby’s clothes. I don’t mind him having clothes that are obviously for a boy but I didn’t want that to be solely what he had. I also loved the idea of being surprised at birth and just loving this baby for who they were regardless of the gender.

Continue reading

You know who I love?

4 May

Ellen DeGeneres. She fucking rules. She is so fucking funny and cool.

This post brought to you by Kelsey, who thinks Ellen is waaaayyyy funnier than Chelsea Handler.

MOMS: The Original Feminist

1 May

Your mom was a feminist before you were and she’s got the ashy remains of her 1960’s brassiere to prove it. Sure, she may have buckled under the force of societal convention since she had you, but you better believe that back in her day she was a fierce second-waver gettin’ all up in the face of The Man. How do you think you were conceived, anyway? Hello – SEXUAL REVOLUTION.

So, feminists, next time you’re taking back the night at a Slut Walk remember this: Your mom was getting paid less than her male counterparts since before you were born. She was fighting for gender equality before you even knew how to spell patriarchy.

Next week is the celebration of your mom, the original feminist. Yes, Mother’s Day is less than a week away. No need to panic; Mislabeled has all the latest polling data on exactly what mom wants this Mother’s Day. According to a survey commissioned by The Mom Complex, (whatever that is) 57% of moms consider a break from housework the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, which is hard to believe since we all know much women like Scrubbing Bubbles.

Anyway, if you’re in the vast minority and hate cleaning as much as I do, have no fear. Second on Mom’s wish list is a “homemade gesture” (42%). That’s right, start stringing your macaroni necklaces now, biddies, and you’re sure to be Mom’s new favorite come May 8th! Handwritten notes and home-cooked meals also count, but are frowned upon as they are far less fashionable, unless you are writing your Mother’s Day card on this oh-you-fancy-huh stationary.

This post brought to you by Kelsey and inspired by DADS, the original hipsters.

Lady Love

4 Apr

If you’re starting to get the vibe that Mondays are all about love on Mislabled, you miiiiight be on to something. Yes, we love ourselves, we love Gaga, and today I’m going to blather on about how much I LOVE women friendships. Continue reading

Talk to Me Now

27 Mar

The daughter of a folk artist, I’ve always liked Ani DiFranco. In high school I sang along to her self-entitled album and burned a copy for my dad. He commented that it was “woman-centric,” to which I replied that I hadn’t noticed.

But not too long ago, Ani’s track “Talk to Me” came on shuffle on my iPod and I couldn’t help myself from putting it on repeat. It meant a lot more to me now as a self-proclaimed “city-dweller” than it did in my pre-college years when I first took a listen.

“In this city self preservation is a full time occupation.”

It sure is. That’s the reason I had to think twice about moving into my Columbia Heights townhome, the reason I carry mace in my coatpocket. My male counterparts laugh when I tell them I looked up the crime statistics for my block – something that would never cross their minds. Because they don’t have to consider whether the sound of their heels clacking against the sidewalk screams vulnerability. Or whether their decision to wear pants or a skirt might have any correlation to the number of catcalls they’ll have to ignore.

“Don’t you understand? In the day to day and the face to face I have to act just as strong as I am. Just a prison of the place where I can be who I am.”

This post is brought to you by Kelsey, the knower of all women trends.

Scrubbing Bubbles Says: All women are cleaning ladies

21 Jan

I love to clean. And I know you do too. We are busy cleaning biddies.

What’s that? You don’t like to clean? You little liar! Almost every lady is a cleaning lady, according to USA Today.

The paper recently published a survey showing that ladies love to clean, no matter if they are barely legal or members of AARP. Oh, and this is courtesy of Scrubbing Bubbles, not USA Today. You know, Scrubbing Bubbles as in the cleaning products.

Again, please remember this is completely objective. And not at all sexist. At all.

Happy cleaning. With Scrubbing Bubbles.

This post is brought to you by Rachel. Hat tip to Kelsey.

A stronger label

19 Jan

I’m Kelsey.

I’m another roommate of the critically acclaimed Rachel and Tara. And I’ll be honest. Before I moved into our group house, I didn’t know that people like the Mislabeled writers still actually existed. At least not under the age of 50.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I think women should have the same rights as men and all that stuff, but really? You’re a feminist? Come on, that’s so 1960’s. Last time I checked I could vote, own property, and earn more than my boyfriend.  So excuse my ignorance.

But after having spent a considerable amount of time talking with my three fiery, feisty, and feminist roommates, I have to admit that I agree with most, if not all, of the beliefs and causes that fall under the category of the “f word.”

So why is it that I still can never see myself embracing, personally claiming, the feminist title?

The truth is, you all are mislabeled. Feminism carries a stigma, and I think it’s time for a brand refresh. Third-wave, schmird-wave; I’m talking something completely new and different here. Let’s start by getting that pesky “fem” prefix out of there; we’re alienating those critical, and I mean critical, male allies!

Next, focus in on the real goal: equality of both genders. No one superior, no one inferior, just different human beings living and working together. And what do you get? Gendequalism! Now, try that one on for size! Kind of a mouth full I’ll admit, but it’s really only four letters longer than feminism, and I have a feeling this is really going to catch on.

So spread the word! You make the buttons, and I’ll make the t-shirts – in men’s and women’s sizes for once.

This post is brought to you by Kelsey. Follow her on Twitter — @kelcoh.

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