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HUMP DAY: Back-to-School Predictions (Yes, No, Maybe-So)

7 Sep

It’s the start of a new school year, and if you’re fortunate enough to still be a student, its basically the only way your brain processes a calendar. Its a new year, a fresh start.  You’ve got your new outfit picked out for the first day, you have plans to meet your best friend in your secret spot in the stacks and you’ve got your eye on the cute boy sitting diagonally across from you in Psych 4300 (you’re a smart cookie). Most importantly, you and your aforementioned bestie have already written out a year’s worth of predictions and goals for the year and you are gonna get-fucking-to-it.

I just moved into a new house with my biddie friends and we’ve got a list of predictions, too:

– Spend an entire day on the roof

– Host a beautiful outdoor gathering like something out of Kinfolk

– Have sex in the kitchen

…and many other things

Speaking of sex in the kitchen…here’s another list you should be checking out: Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Sex (Ed) in The City

10 Aug

On this momentous occasion, I propose a toast to New York City. Not because its the greatest city in the world, a bustling metropolis of good looking and fashionable people, or the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Indeed, it is all of these things and more.  But today– today I toast to New York because they have just mandated proper sex education in all of their public schools.  Continue reading

HUMP DAY: On One-Night Stands

13 Jul

I know your Wednesdays have been excruciatingly boring for the past couple weeks – and maybe I should apologize. Sometimes life just kicks you in the ass and gives you a swirly in the high school bathroom (which is pretty terrible if you have long hair like mine.) But then a friend texted me a pic from his latest sexcapade and I realized: this will resurrect Hump Day.

Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Shameless Plug

22 Jun

Sorry if I tricked you into reading a post about sex, and actually plugging a conference thing that I’m working on. But! It is about sex, a little bit. I promise!

For the past couple months, I have been savagely planning a reproductive rights panel for the 2011 Campus Progress National Conference (#cpnc11) and now I am going to tell you all about it! Because it’s going to be awesome!

Fighting for Reproductive Freedom in a Conservative Congress

Recent measures by the 112th Congress attempt to limit access to reproductive health and services. How will these measures affect women and families? What do they mean for access to reproductive services in various communities? The discussion will address the role social media has played and can continue to play in organizing activists and gaining support for reproductive freedom.

YES! Remember when Gwen Moore pwnd the Pence Amendment and defended Planned Parenthood against the anti-choice terrorism that claimed Planned Parenthood was leading the genocide of black babies?


HUMP DAY: Sex Scandals and Such

8 Jun

Listen, this Anthony Weiner business is ridiculous.

I make no bones about being an Anthony Weiner fan. I applauded him when he stood up for reproductive access. I cried with laughter at his Click and Clack impressions during his house speech defending NPR. Anthony Weiner was the kind of politician that I could get behind. He was real, he was witty, and he wasn’t afraid to call on people’s bullshit. Why am I saying “was” – he still is all of those things. Except that now he has been widely shamed for his poor decision making skills and has proved, very publicly, how real he actually is.

Let me start with saying that even though I was reallly hoping it wasn’t actually him doing the tweeting, I don’t have much of a problem with Anthony Weiner’s actions. Aside from the fact that he is married*, Weiner’s internet actions crossed no boundaries of the law, and the explicit conversations he was having were completely consensual – you can read some of the contents here:

Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Making Out

1 Jun

Ahhh…one of the human race’s favorite pastimes. Making out.

There’s a lot to be said about making out. There’s even tons of names for it! (Frenching, snogging, necking, tonsil hockey…) But no matter your race, age or creed, everybody loves a good make-out sesh. (Preferably hickey-free, amirite??)

There was the time your senior year of high school when you visited your friend at the university an hour away and made out with one of her friends on the football team and came home with your first hickeys ever. Your parents miraculously never noticed them? Then there was the time during your freshman orientation at your university where you spent an hour making out with a guy in the dorm hallway instead of bonding with your new friends. (But let’s be real, who stays close friends with the kids they meet at orientation?) You were busy bonding mouths with some tall guy. Continue reading

HUMP DAY: The Best Month of the Year

11 May

Happy Hump Day! And hey – its May! You know what May is? National Masturbation Month!

That’s right. Its a whole month dedicated to the safest sex possible! It was apparently started by Good Vibrations, a sex education and toy shop based out of San Francisco (of course) to increase awareness about masturbation in the public and private spheres, as well as increase education around masturbation and sexual health.

I remember reading an issue of Seventeen wayy back when, and they had an article about how often it’s ok to “hit the sheets, solo style.” (I believe the answer was something along the lines of “everything in moderation”) I was pleased to see that Seventeen is still repping a solo-sex-positive stance. They’re even busting some myths about the “m-word,” Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Teen Sex Edition

4 May

Last month, RH Reality Check (the creators of Strokey!) released the second part of a series on teen sex – examining new data on teen sexual behaviors and mapping out what that data looks like and means for teens, the media, and our society.

In the second installation, sexual health expert Martha Kempner writes about teen sex: “who, what, when and what would change look like.”

Instead of giving you a thorough synopsis and summary of the article, followed by my general commentary, I’m just going to throw some non-sequitur excerpts from the report, hoping that they will tantalize you enough to read it for yourself, because it is so interesting and totally worthy of your time!

OK! Here we go!

Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Get the Fever

27 Apr

So you know when Huff Post has those hilarious photo slideshows? Today’s slideshow, Books With Worst Dating Advice Ever, is so ripe with Hump Day goodness, its unreal. Take this for example:

Written by former Wall St. analyst JC Davies, this book “offers a practical course of treatment for dating within five unique cultures: Latino, Asian, Black, Indian, and Jewish. Plus, author J.C. Davies delivers the low down on every question you ever had about dating men of other races but were too PC to ask:” Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Charts and Things

20 Apr

Sweet font, right? Its llama font. I thought it was mildly appropriate for HUMP DAY! That’s right. As you may know, its my third favorite day of the week.

(Probably if you’re at work and people can see your computer screen, here’s a general blanket statement that some of these links may or may not come with a minimal amount of risk.)

Tons of blogs are talking about OKCupid’s new sex charts – and why Jewish women aren’t tweeting/masturbating. Here are my favorites, a special treat for you on hump day!  Continue reading

On Hump Day, Come Out for Health

30 Mar

Oh hey, it’s Hump Day! It’s my fourth favorite day of the week (after Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.) But really, Wednesdays are great.  And this particular Wednesday  lands us smack dab in the middle of LGBT Health Awareness Week!

“This year’s campaign is a chance for all of us to learn more about how we, as a community, support the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our   families, friends and neighbors. The National Coalition for LGBT Health calls on policy makers and healthcare providers to address to needs of LGBT individuals and families not only this week, but everyweek,” says Hutson W. Inniss, Executive Director of the National Coalition for LGBT  Health, who organizes the annual week of action and education.

Continue reading

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