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REVIEW: Fright Night

25 Aug

I had the opportunity to see Fright Night this weekend when I was in Upstate NY visiting my mother.

TOTAL DISCLAIMER: Because I was in upstate NY visiting my mother, I obviously had to go to one of the less than 700 remaining drive-in movie theaters (don’t worry, I’m not such a fanatic that I knew this offhand; I did a respectable amount of googling to arrive at that conclusion) in the U.S.  And because I was at one of the less than 700 remaining drive-in movie theaters in the U.S., I was also in one of the least-maintained movie theaters I’ve ever been to, and it was less than possible on several occasions to even see what was going on on the screen.


I was surprised to enjoy this movie.  All in all, I thought it was entertaining.  The first half an hour was a collection of grueling “awkward scenes where adults write what they imagine teenagers talk about” scenes, but once (*SPOILER ALERT!*) Continue reading

Hey, Hollywood…where my girls at?!

2 Feb

So, apparently, Vanity Fair released a list of the highest-paid Hollywood names. (Thanks, Gawker.) As if it’s not sickening enough that the top earner (James Cameron) made $257 million last year, what’s even worse is that the top female earner on the list is ranked number 13.

Yes, that says thirteen. The number after 12. Ya know, a few after 10.

Kristen Stewart, of Twilight fame, made $28.5 million. Good for Kristen. But where are the rest of our Hollywood ladies? This is absurd. There are plenty of talented female writers, directors, producers, and actresses out there. Shouldn’t they be earning just as much as their male counterparts?

We sure think so.

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