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Yo DC! Come drink with us on Tuesday!

10 Jun

We are taking the Mislabeled conversation to new places – happy hour! At a bar! In D.C.! I hope you live there so you can come!

Here are the deets.

Who: Mislabeled writers, and The American Association of University Women (our lovely hosts who hold a monthly D.C. happy hour called Cocktails and Convos).

What: Chocolate! Adult beverages! Good conversation (until the wine kicks in…)!

Where:  Co Co. Sala, a chocolate lounge located near the Verizon Center in Chinatown.

When: Tuesday, June 14th @ 5 to 7:30 PM.

Why: As the editor of Mislabeled, a contributor to AAUW’s blog Dialog, and a lover of many lady blogs, I’m fascinated with the way the Internet opens doors for the women’s issues community to meet, greet, discuss, and make things happen. We can raise awareness of poor media coverage. We can talk with someone who lives in a different country or on a different continent. We can debate what it means to be feminist and how we should talk with each other. But those conversations don’t take place in a vacuum. They are about the real world, and so they (should) have an impact on that world. That’s why real-world events like Cocktails and Convos are just as important as blogs. And that’s why I really, really, really want you to come hang out with all of us on Tuesday.

So please join me, AAUW, and your favorite Mislabeled writers (we are your faves, no?) as we clink glasses, eat chocolate, and make new Facebook friends. Hope to see you there.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who promises to buy you a drink if you come. Maybe.

You like cocktails? I LOVE COCKTAILS!

6 Jan

Calling all DCists!

This coming Tuesday, skip the bad re-runs and check out a happy hour held just for young fems!

Once a month, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) holds happy hours around D.C., with the third one coming up this Tuesday, January 11th at Ris.

From 5 to 7 p.m., local fems take over the bar to have a drink and talk about what’s going on.

The drink specials are cheap, and the door prizes are sweet (shoes, yoga passes, and more!). But best of all, this is a chance for us to take a break from the comment boards, grab a drink and talk live and in-person with like-minded people.

Here’s a brief, no-bullshit intro to the hosts. AAUW is a non-profit group with members all over the country. As one of the oldest women’s rights organizations, AAUW works on social justice problems like fair pay for women, education, and LGBT issues, just to name a few. The group holds these happy hours to start off-line conversations about issues like street harassment or fair paychecks with young fems in the area.

This time, Kathlene Mullens, Founder and CEO of Female Equality Matters, will be there to kick off the conversation. Kathlene created FEM to grant certifications to organizations that have an exceptional number of leadership roles held by women.

Some mislabeled writers will also be there — just one more reason to swing by for a drink!

AAUW promises no panel, no power point, no pressure. Find out more here.

Ris is located at 2275 L St. NW, just north of Washington Circle. Hope we see you there.

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