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Feminist Feud, Listserv-style

14 Jan

One of my favorite things about living in a group house is the listserv we share, and the subsequent debates with which we entertain ourselves. Recently, one of my roommates emailed a link to Naomi Wolf’s ridiculous remarks on the Assange situation, despite the existence of a separate feminist listserv for the ladies of the house.

One of the guys said something sharp about having our own listserv for these kinds of things. To his credit, he apologized, as you can see below. But I think his apology, while full of good intentions, just goes to show how mislabeled and misunderstood feminism remains. So I wanted to share this conversation with you all.

(You’ll have to click to read the screen shot.)


This post is brought to you in a somewhat anonymous fashion by Tara.

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