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G-chats: Call Me Maybe Edition

22 Aug

Tara:  Here’s something for Mislabeled, perhaps?

Rachel:  Or this?

 Tara:  Oh wow, this is WAY better than the College Republicans ‘Call Me Maybe’ cover.
This post is brought to you by Google, which also agrees that ladies do it better than CRs.

G-chat fighting with your Fiancé

6 Sep

Fiancé:  Rachel why is it only 2 PM?

I’m so not in the mood for this day to continue.


Come to my office and play.

Fiancé:  No you will just get tired of me and tell me to leave.

That’s what you did last time, you said, “come to my office,” and then you said, “I’m tired of you, leave me be.”

I also have work to do.

Me:  Didn’t say that.

Fiancé:  You were like “Leave, I have work to do, I don’t want you to stay here and talk about how pretty I am and fawn all over me because you love me and think I’m wonderful.”

Me:  Stop


Scarlett, my one-month roommate

Scarlet is leaving tonight.

I am heartbroken.

Fiancé:  Aw no, that’s sad.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who misses Scarlet the cat dearly.

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