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Quote of the Day

11 Oct

So no, I am not Troy Davis. I am not a slut. I am not an occupier of Wall Street or any street. The fights are my fights, but the current methods and analyses are not mine.

Stephanie Gilmore, via Racialicious

Being a Boy Feminist

15 Aug


(Thanks to Chloe for sharing this!)

What Mr. Weiner’s weiner (maybe) says about feminism

8 Jun

“In five decades, we’ve moved from the pre-feminist mantra about the sexual peccadilloes of married men — Boys will be boys — to post-feminist resignation: Men are dogs. And there’s no point in feminists wasting their ire at women being objectified because many women these days seem all too ready to play along.

We’ve traded places with France. There, after D.S.K., a spirited feminism has blossomed, an urge to stop covering up seamy incidents of droit du seigneur. Now we’re the world-weary ones, with little energy to try to reform relations between the sexes: Is there any point, really, in trying to fix men?”

Maureen Dowd

REVIEW: Bridesmaids

1 Jun

I went and saw Bridesmaids last night.  It’s a type of film I only intermittently enjoy, but the web buzz was enough to get me out to a theater.  Even my favorite mainstream feminist film critics gave it resounding praise, with Dana Stevens even writing,

Hallelujah and praise the Lord for Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids (Universal), a movie we’ve been awaiting for what feels like forever. At long last, we have a smart comedy with dumb jokes—a giddy feminist manifesto that responds to the perennially circulated head-scratcher “Can women really be funny?” with a whoopee-cushion fart. I loved virtually every minute of Bridesmaids and forgave its few missteps the way you forgive your best friend for being a good-hearted klutz.

I saw pieces on whether or not it was a feminist film all over the place: feministing, zunguzungu, The AV Club, Salon, Alternet, The American Prospect.  It seemed that this was not just another piece of pop culture that was getting coverage because of its ubiquity (Twilight, Transformers) that my friends were seeing merely to debunk.  This was something they were embracing and adopting as their own.  After two weeks, I gave in and bought a ticket.

My first reaction to the film was disappointment.  Was I missing something?  Was I a bad feminist??

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Letter From the Editor: Angry Feminists

27 May

Yesterday, we published a rebuttal from Tom, who wanted feminists to calm down and chat reasonably.

We were happy to publish his post, mostly because we’re interested in talking with everyone we can about what feminism means to different people. As Tom’s post shows, lots of people think feminism means anger, and we appreciate and understand where that comes from.

BUT. But, dear Tom, that’s the reason we named this blog Mislabeled. In our minds, Mislabeled tries damn hard to be reasonable, to chat calmly, to give everyone a place to weigh in. And besides, we’re not always angry. We’re actually pretty happy people! We like puppies, and Hump Day, and Fancy things, and we write about them all the time.

When we are pissed off, (and we admit, it happens) we try to channel our anger through sass and sarcasm. The world can be frustrating, and we have a right to be frustrated, to relay that frustration. But we don’t’ want to open our mouths just to see people tune out and walk away. Continue reading

“Weddings. Minus the insanity, plus the marriage”

26 May

I spent last weekend at a lakehouse in Georgia, jumping off docks and tossing Bocce balls. It was a great vacation.

The 25-guest house was the venue for a bachelor/bachelorette weekend getaway at the lake – designed to let the bridal party get to know each other a couple months before the wedding over sunshine, drinks, tons of food and lots of water sports. Needless to say, it was a blast.

One of the best parts of the weekend was hearing the group recount memories from the weddings of others in the group – simple, outdoor affairs with vegetarian meals and live music by this New Orleans brass band – vintage dresses and ring settings. It was all so romantic.

I’d like to say here that I am not a girl that has always dreamed about her wedding day. Sure, I’ve thought about it, but it is definitely not an aspect of life that I have obsessed over*. I know all about the wedding industrial complex and have talked it to death. That’s exactly why it was so refreshing to be amongst married and soon-to-be married couples talk about their weddings in a totally simple, romantic, practical, and smart way.

Enter A Practical Wedding.   Continue reading

INTERVIEW: A mother talks gender roles, child-rearing, and feminism

7 May

For this Mother’s Day Eve post, I interviewed my cousin Megan, who will be celebrating her very first Mother’s Day with adorable baby Kai Alexander and husband Jeremy.

MISLABELED:     How has motherhood made you more or less appreciative of the female form?

MEGAN: I have become more aware of what my body is capable of – being able to create and give birth to a child as well as to breastfeed that child has given me a whole new respect for my body.

MISLABELED:     What motivated you and Jeremy’s decision to wait until Kai was born to find out his sex?

MEGAN: A large part of the motivation for me was I didn’t want to have a lot of boy or girl themes to the nursery and all our baby’s clothes. I don’t mind him having clothes that are obviously for a boy but I didn’t want that to be solely what he had. I also loved the idea of being surprised at birth and just loving this baby for who they were regardless of the gender.

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