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INTERVIEW: Filmmaker Matthew Charof on the Women of Riverbook

28 Apr

While scrolling through my twitter feed the other day, I noticed a post —  from a college friend — that was simply a link. Of course, it piqued my curiosity. What I discovered on the landing page of that lonely bit.ly was truly a gift.

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Meeting men in parking lots: A KelCoh Critique

25 Apr

Lately we’ve been taking a closer look at rape, campus rape culture, and sexual assault education. I’ve enjoyed reading the views of several Mislabled writers on these topics, so I thought it might be time to add my own two cents, or as some have come to begrudgingly/affectionately call it, the KelCoh Critique.

I thoroughly stand by the notion that we need to educate students as they enter college; particularly, we need to paint an accurate picture of what rape and consent truly mean.  MacDonald actually makes some good points in her article, “The Campus Rape Myth” – NOT that the rape crisis “doesn’t exist” but that assaulted women often do not believe they’ve been raped and don’t think their experiences “are serious enough to report.” Many college-age women might be surprised by some of the stats on sex offenders, namely that the vast majority are NOT masked OR hiding in the bushes, but are rather someone they already know Continue reading

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Southern Style!!

19 Apr

Are you sick and tired of rape??  Can I get a “Hell yeah!” (Ed note: Hell yeah!)

Okay, so here’s the plan: we all get guns and become vigilante rapist killers!  It’ll be awesome, just like the Girls of Old Town in Sin City, ya know!?!  Omg and I’m totally getting a pink gun– DIBS!

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