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HUMP DAY: Back-to-School Predictions (Yes, No, Maybe-So)

7 Sep

It’s the start of a new school year, and if you’re fortunate enough to still be a student, its basically the only way your brain processes a calendar. Its a new year, a fresh start.  You’ve got your new outfit picked out for the first day, you have plans to meet your best friend in your secret spot in the stacks and you’ve got your eye on the cute boy sitting diagonally across from you in Psych 4300 (you’re a smart cookie). Most importantly, you and your aforementioned bestie have already written out a year’s worth of predictions and goals for the year and you are gonna get-fucking-to-it.

I just moved into a new house with my biddie friends and we’ve got a list of predictions, too:

– Spend an entire day on the roof

– Host a beautiful outdoor gathering like something out of Kinfolk

– Have sex in the kitchen

…and many other things

Speaking of sex in the kitchen…here’s another list you should be checking out: Continue reading

No Doesn’t Mean No Until You Say it Twice – Part II

25 Jul
Last week I wrote a post that brought the notion of male persistence and female coyness up for debate. I questioned whether there might be a subconscious, or otherwise, “cat and mouse” game at play. Then this weekend I caught my very own subconscious playing tricks on me. There I was, at a bar, in the presence of a boy-that’s-a-friend who is good-looking. I was flirting with him (and he was flirting with me) and we started dancing with each other. And I noticed that I kept playfully pushing him away with an accompanying giggle, as if to say, “Oh, you! You stop that!” But the thing is, I didn’t really want him to stop that. Why was I pushing away his advances? Because to “give in” to him so quickly, so easily, would mean I was just “being had.” Ah-ha! And so I had caught myself playing into this illogical dynamic. I said to myself, “Fuck that; don’t be coy. If you want it, let it happen.”  So I did. Continue reading

No Doesn’t Mean No Until You Say It Twice – Part I

20 Jul
Not too long ago, a friend and I were gossiping and dishing about our recent life adventures, as we often do. He started telling me about his weekend and a night out dancing with a past hook-up:On the dance floor, he kissed her, but she didn’t kiss back and she told him she “couldn’t.” So my friend said okay and backed off. But as the night went on, they continued dancing, and she started, “dancing into,” him. Taking this as a cue, my friend went in for the kiss again. This time, she kissed him back and the night ended at her place.

When I heard this story I was dumbfounded. Our conversation went something like this:
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We wonder why conviction rates for rapes are so low…

16 Jun



from nocopsinsight

Biden gets sexual violence on campus right (Now it’s your turn)

6 Apr

“No means no, if you’re drunk or you’re sober. No means no if you’re in bed, in a dorm or on the street. No means no even if you said yes at first and you changed your mind. No means No.” Continue reading

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