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IMPORTANT: Birth Control recall

20 Sep

From webMDThe recall affects two Clyclafem products and two Glidess products, as well as Emoquette, Orsythia, Previfem, and Tri-Previfem oral contraceptives. A complete list of products and affected lot numbers may be found at the Endo Pharmaceuticals web site.

Three Cheers for Health and Human Services

1 Aug

“We know that half of women, according to studies, forgo or delay preventive care because they can’t afford it, and under the Affordable Care Act that all changes,” White House adviser Stephanie Cutter told ABC News. “Most private health plans, including the private health care plan available to members of Congress, already include most of these services, including contraception. Family planning is something that keeps women healthy, and it was an important piece of today’s announcement.”

HHS Regulations Require Free Preventative Services for Women – The National Journal

What are women good for? Making babies, of course.

13 Apr

It never fails. Whenever we go to business related functions for my husbands’ job, whenever I’m at the grocery store and some nosy soccer mom wants to be chatty, or even amongst my own relatives, the questions is always: ‘So when are you going to have another one?’

Another what? Another job? Another house? Another dog? Oh, you mean another child. Continue reading

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