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States barge in on private decisions

27 Jun

Last fall, Danielle and Robb Deaver of Grand Island, Neb., found that their state’s new law intruded in a wrenching personal decision. Ms. Deaver, 35, a registered nurse, was pregnant with a daughter in a wanted pregnancy, she said. She and her husband were devastated when her water broke at 22 weeks and her amniotic fluid did not rebuild.

Her doctors said that the lung and limb development of the fetus had stopped, that it had a remote chance of being born alive or able to breathe, and that she faced a chance of serious infection.

In what might have been a routine if painful choice in the past, Ms. Deaver and her husband decided to seek induced labor rather than wait for the fetus to die or emerge. But inducing labor, if it is not to save the life of the fetus, is legally defined as abortion, and doctors and hospital lawyers concluded that the procedure would be illegal under Nebraska’s new law.

After 10 days of frustration and anguish, Ms. Deaver went into labor naturally; the baby died within 15 minutes and Ms. Deaver had to be treated with intravenous antibiotics for an infection that developed.

Ms. Deaver said she got angry only after the grief had settled. “This should have been a private decision, made between me, my husband and my doctor,” she said in a telephone interview.

-from the New York Times’ article on states’ limiting abortions.

Kansas uses bathrooms to shut down abortion clinics

23 Jun

“The new requirements require facilities to add extra bathrooms, drastically expand waiting and recovery areas, and even add larger janitor’s closets, as one clinic employee told me—changes that clinics will have a heck of a time pulling off by the deadline. Under the new rule, clinics must also aquire state certification to admit patients, a process that takes 90 to 120 days, the staffer explained. Which makes it impossible for clinics to comply. And clinics that don’t comply with the rules will face fines or possible closure.”

– From Mother Jones.

We’re tired of talking about Republicans and abortion, but they won’t let us stop

3 May

I’ve heard of some pretty bad ideas by Republicans, but this one is not only the cruelest but also the dumbest one yet. The Oklahoma GOP is attempting to change the Oklahoma nutrition bill so that independent contractors, such as Planned Parenthood, could not give out food vouchers to poor women and children. THAT’S RIGHT. THEY WANT TO STOP WOMEN WHO HAD BABIES AND DIDN’T GET ABORTIONS FROM EATING.

Woo, glad I got that out of my system. Now to the details

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Anti-Abortion Movement at Cornell Engages in Distortion, Dishonesty

28 Apr

This article was published by Campus Progress, and is reposted with permission.

The Cornell Coalition for Life (CCFL) screened the anti-abortion documentary “Maafa 21” on March 2. Signs littered the Arts Quad before the event featuring alarming statistics about the rate of abortions among black women. One even said more African Americans have died from abortion than from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined.

The documentary equates abortion with black genocide and claims to shed light on things “the media has been hiding and politicians don’t want you to know.” As the saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Continue reading

Lady Responsibility #1: Make Babies

16 Mar

Listen up ladies.

It’s recently come to my attention, with all this choice, anti-choice fever going around, that you may not have read the list of Lady Responsibilities that we, as humans with vaginas, naturally have.

Responsibility # 1 — Make babies happen.

Responsibility  #2 – 12 — See Responsibility #1.

Before you break into an emotional tantrum (duh, that’s what ladies do), let me explain. As ladies, we (usually)  have vaginae/other baby-making equipment, therefore we must make babies. Always.  This is Perfect Logic. And I don’t want any excuses, even if you’re a lady who only loves ladies, or maybe you’re a lady who can’t support a baby because you aren’t healthy or don’t have any money, or maybe you’re a lady who will be ostracized by your family if you have a baby – this does not matter. You better be making some babies, or else.

I’ve got Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) backing me up on this. Last night she made a historical speech in Congress, in which she reminded us all that personal choice, personal situation, personal anything does. not. matter.

And it is the women who have the responsibility to make sure that that baby is born. Unfortunately, our courts — over 33 years ago — decided to change that and said that women had the right to end that life. But Mr. Speaker, we don’t have that right. It is our responsibility to bear those children.

So there you have it, folks. No rights, just responsibilities. That’s the lady way. Now, I’ve got a job to do….

This post is brought to you by Rachel (hat tip to Political Correction).

Hairpins, abortions, & friends who make you pee…

4 Mar

The Hairpin — that lovely lady blog that makes you feel like you’re on the phone with your bestie and she’s talking just like a bestie would while making you pee your pants with laughter — has an excellent post called Ask an Abortion Provider, in which your new bestie explains the unknown side of being, umm, an abortion provider. Yeah. But it’s awesome and very cool, and I’m just gonna give you this little taste, and then you’re going to go read it, OK?

But “the remorseful patient” is the only patient whom your nice-but-then-surprisingly-conservative aunt is going to be like, “Well, I mean, I don’t believe in it, but if she was really sorry. And if she was married and it was crazy how it happened.” If you need help recruiting your aunt and others who are not quite on board with us no-hierarchy-of-abortion people yet, try my favorite fact for this situation: 65% of women who get abortions in this country are already moms! Smile, there’s a 65% chance your mother chose abortion because she wanted to make sure she could take care of her already-existing children, i.e., you. If that doesn’t work, take the “trend” angle and say how more evidence is showing that contraceptive sabotage is part of domestic violence. And just as no one is immune to contraception just straight up not working, no one is immune to those probably-apocryphal “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” stories, so encourage their recounting and then bring it on home. Should these women be forced to have a baby, too? I’ll be seeing both of you at the potluck next week!


This post is brought to you by Rachel (h/t Ellen).

More updates on Republicans in your pants

18 Feb

It isn’t news that House Republicans will go to great lengths to see the elimination of abortion services in this country. And unless you’ve been living under a rock (and haven’t been following Mislabeled coverage of the action the past two weeks) you also know that Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) pushed legislation to strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding and preventing any entity that provides abortion services from receiving funds through Title X, which is meant to increase access to family planning services.

Besides the fact that the Republicans stomp around the halls of Congress touting that the government is too intrusive into the lives and wallets of the American people, they feel that is is their duty to make their way into the pants of every American woman who becomes pregnant. While it was expected that this amendment would pass through the House, what wasn’t expected was Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) and her candid admission that years ago she had an abortion because of a medical complication with her pregnancy.



Kudos to Rep. Speier for making this courageous and intimate revelation last night. Perhaps everyone will begin to understand and respect her message that women have the right to make the difficult and very private decision of giving birth or terminating a pregnancy. After that, maybe Republicans can finally get back to the job creation they campaigned for and have so fittingly have thrown out the window since they took control of the House.
[ Ed note — Oh, but we can only hope. ]
This post is brought to you by Sienna.

Anti-abortion bill is constitutional because a bishop says so

10 Feb

On Tuesday, a Congressional hearing was held on the constitutionality of the highly controversial H.R. 3 bill, aka The No Taxpayer Funding For Abortions Act. This being a hearing on the constitutionality of the bill (which is also somewhat suspect), House Republicans decided to support the bill on moral grounds. Confusing, no?

Sadly, the Republicans apparently didn’t get the whole constitution message, because each decided to talk about how much of an abomination abortion is and forget about that silly document they claim to uphold. You know, the one about individual liberties and freedoms?

Thankfully the extremely pro-life Republican panel had some shrewd “insight” into the constit- uhh moral problems with our current NON-TAXPAYER FUNDING (see Hyde Amendment) of abortions. After the obligatory Planned Parenthood bashing by Rep. Mike Pence, fellow Republican Rep. Steve King  brought out a chart showing how a partial birth abortion is performed, asking if the panelists would be morally opposed to watching the procedure themselves.

The constitutional debate didn’t stop there. Witness Richard Doerflinger of the pro-life U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops decided he was going espouse his philosophy on why rape-based provisions in abortion legislation shouldn’t be there.  He stated:

I’ve met some kids who were conceived in rape, they and their mothers are great people and they are glad it was not an abortion. The objection [to the word forcible] … was people saying it doesn’t mean that rape already means forcible so if you say forcible rape that’s redundant.

Uhh, what?

I would not know what it is like to have a pregnancy resulting from rape. And these women who decided to have their children despite the horrific process are no doubt courageous.

But at the end of the day it was their choice to have that child. Just because Mr. Doerflinger believes something and he has found others who agree, do0esn’t make it the law of the land.  If that’s the way America worked, then we would not have a democracy based upon rights, but an authoritarian government based on the whims of those in power. (Goodbye, Constitution.)

Lastly, “forcible rape” is not redundant. Last time I checked, this addition is a big deal, as it allows for a reinterpretation of our own rape statutes. That means potentially the bill would lead a judge to say that a drug or alcohol-induced rape is not rape anymore.

Mr. Doerflinger proves there are  people in this country who would not mind restricting the rights granted to us in the Constitution (you know, that document the hearing was on) on the basis of their moral agenda.  I believe Ms. Rosenbaum said it best: “I prefer actually to keep my moral positions out of this hearing; I have very strongly held religious and moral views on many things.”

This post is brought to you by Salvatore.

Republicans lie (?) about removing forcible rape language

9 Feb

NEWSFLASH: Contrary to our previous update, the language redefining rape in that despicable HR 3 (No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act)  is still there. As in, they didn’t remove it. Like they said they would.

Political Correction’s got the full story, along with some more reasons you should hate this bill.

Good lord, and I had just given that pep talk about how awesome it was that women pressured these idiots to take that language out.

Fire up your cell phones and call your Representatives. Or, you know, just jump off a bridge. Congress is crazy.

UPDATE: Redefining Rape is Shitty (and so is the rest of the bill)

4 Feb

As many of you know, House Republicans have backed down and taken the redefinition of rape out of H.R. 3 (aka No Taxpayer Funds for Abortions, or for Women, or for anything, really).

But the bill is still scary. Sen. Kirsten Gillibran writes about H.R. 3 this morning in HuffPo:

Even as Republicans lament that the government is being too intrusive in people’s lives, it seems that the very personal, private and often painful issue of ending a pregnancy is one area they are determined to regulate. Tragically, the consequences of this intrusiveness could prove disastrous to the health and well-being of women across America.

The Republicans likely have a large enough majority in the House to pass this bill, but we must block this bill in the U.S. Senate.

Her piece, entitled “Urgent Call to Action: GOP House Pushing Anti-Woman Agenda,”  doesn’t deliver everything the headline promises. But it is worth the read, if only for the  reminder that:

1 — our actions, both on and offline, make a difference.  The pressure we put on Congress — through phone calls and blog posts and general  awareness — stopped the redefinition of rape.

2 — we can’t stop paying attention. Yes, politics can be boring. And the constant CALL YOUR SENATOR drum beat can sometimes seem tone deaf. But. In this Congress especially, we need to be aware of what’s going on and how it affects women.

This post is  brought to you by Rachel.

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