“Dear Chick-Fil-A (Because I’m a Homosexual)”

14 Aug

A couple Wednesdays ago, you may have been angrily suppressing your craving for fried chicken.

And if you’re like me, you may have been happily singing “H to the O to the M to the HOMOSEXUALS” just a couple days later.

We can thank Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers for that catchy phrase, the chorus to their YouTube song “Dear Chick-Fil-A (Because I’m a Homosexual).” The musical duo and IRL couple penned the song after seeing long lines at their local Chick-Fil-A on “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day,” a fabricated holiday to support a business that actively gives money to anti-gay foundations and political campaigns.

“We went to Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday, the customer appreciation day, just planning to go and kiss, and show our ‘protest’ that way,” said Bria Kam, a musician and psychology student at Georgia State. They left the fast food chain feeling energized and decided to use their creative energies to write the song, posting it online just 2 days later. In the age of YouTube, however, a viral video can propel you into de facto activist and/or anti-gay target status pretty quickly.

“We’ve gotten so much reaction,” said Chrissy Chambers, an actor and singer who moved to Atlanta when she was 18 to pursue her career. “In the beginning it seemed like a lot of negativity, and a lot of hateful comments. We had a guy say ‘you guys are a couple of trash-digging faggot psychopath homosexual whores. Cool, hope you get HIV bitch.'”

For Bria, releasing a controversial song like this on the Internet could pose risks for her livelihood. “I’m a cover musician and I’ve always kept my personal life very personal,” she said. “I play a lot of restaurants that are filled with people who are potentially close-minded – we do live in Georgia – so this is a big deal. Chrissy has helped me to know that its okay to be comfortable with myself and really put who I am out there.”

“Growing up in Mississippi I’ve experienced a lot of homophobia,” said Chrissy. “Once I started dating a woman I had so many people call and say ‘don’t you understand how this is going to hurt your family?’ and that they were embarrassed for me, people I’d known my whole life.”

But the effusion of supportive comments and messages has made this new spotlight worth it. “I’ve had at least five or six people that I’ve known from growing up in Mississippi and Louisiana that have come out to me and say ‘I hope one day I can live my life as openly as you are, and you have given me the courage to try to be true to myself’ and that kind of thing, which has been so incredibly rewarding.”

The duo plans to continue their activism through song, and half of the proceeds from the recorded version of “Dear Chick-Fil-A” (available for name-your-price download) are set to be given to Freedom to Marry. Meanwhile, they are encouraging young gay folks to continue to reach out to them.

“I absolutely think we consider ourselves activists,” said Bria. “This is a very new position for us, but it kind of fell into our laps and we’re very excited for this opportunity to be a voice for the gay community.”

Bria and Chrissy just released a third video, “I Have Two Moms” (there’s a kitten!). You can catch them elsewhere on the Internet here and here.

This post brought to you by Tara. It originally appeared on Campus Progress.org 

The Games of the 30th Olympiad

13 Aug

“And the city has no name,
It just stands there in a grey haze…”-Sandy Denny, “London”

ImageAs a Greek-American, I am an avid spectator and follower of the Summer Games, which has been considered by most pundits as the “greatest show on earth.”  I traveled the 3,600-plus miles to be at the center of the sporting world and witness some of the greatest accomplishments in sporting history.  I was not disappointed.  The athletes, the spectators, the citizens of London were just simply incredible.  In the next few days, I will try to give a clear picture as to what it was like being at London’s third attempt hosting the biggest sporting spectacle in athletic-history.

The Atmosphere in the “Big Smoke,” er, right, London…

Many Americans have visited London and will continue to flock there due to the accessibility and the lack of language barrier.  But, to visit a metropolitan city like London during an international event is always different.  Gone were all the Union flags on the Mall for the HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. In their place: the Olympic flag.  New pink signs were scattered throughout central London’s most iconic landmarks to direct Olympic visitors where to go.  London’s famed Underground, or the “Tube,” even had a bit of a make-over with all new directories of stations that will feature some events.  Never have I seen a city that I have visited before look so very different.

There was a different vibe in the air as well. London is well-known for being one of the most diverse cities in the world, but this felt like you were just at the center of the cultural melting pot, and I guess I was!

The Brits, especially the English (and yes, there is a difference!), have a reputation for being a bit snobbish or stand-offish (like the Parisians), but I did not experience any of that.  The Brits in London were extremely welcoming, and as soon as they heard I was American they were actually even nicer, if that’s possible to imagine.


Each neighborhood pub was decked out in national flags from around the world and plenty of Team GB swag.  There were some American beers that were on special just for the Olympics, I suppose to appeal to the Yankees who don’t enjoy the luke-warm beer of England, still very thoughtful and business-minded of them.  In the afternoon, anytime after 4 o’clock, the crowds started to pour into local pubs and one could witness the diversity the Olympics can bring to a city.  People dressed in all different colors like orange (Dutch), green and yellow (Aussies), red, white and blue (Americans, French, and Brits), and yellow, red and black (German and Belgians) filled these places with different languages and banter.  It felt like a mini-United Nations, but with less business suits and more laughter.

IOC President Jacques Rogge made note of how the British hospitality was on display for the past 16 days, and I would have to disagree.  This was BETTER than the usual British hospitality and something that all British men and women can be proud of.

This post was written by our Olympics corespondent, Matt. 

Wall Street Broker Proves He’s An Ass

7 Dec

This lover was the president of my university’s College Republicans.

And my parents wonder why I’m a liberal…..


Let’s Discuss: Good Men

29 Nov

Chloe: I don’t want to kill the buzz but this article has been floating around my newsfeed and I thought it was a good read.


I wrote a typical Chloe diatribe on my Facebook (posted below) and will probably read the article again and think more on it — I want to give a disclaimer first and point out that I agree with mostly all of what the author is saying: I work with a community of men that has fundamentally changed my own feminism because I FEEL so much better now what it is like to be a poor (and/or) black/Hispanic man, at least in urban Westchester/NYC communities.  And I do not feel like these men are necessarily “my enemies” anymore — while a lot of them do horrible things (including rape and murder, oh god no) and should be held accountable, I wonder how many of them would make the same decisions were it not for the same system that encourages patriarchy in the first place?  Anyway.  But my main thing is that it reminds me of this blog I read awhile back about Schrodinger’s rapist.. lemme see… here it is!

Continue reading

Political conversations with your fiancé

21 Nov

fiancé:  This is a little long but it’s a great read:




fiancé:  lol. Him and Bruce Bartlett are the big ones

Bartlett was part of Reagan’s Reganomics team





fiancé:  Let me read.

In the meantime check this out:


Yea, that’s pretty greedy. That’s awful

me:  Also.

Since when did like Newt Grossanimal get up in the polls? Continue reading

Is this YOUR America?

18 Oct

At about 2 am one night, he was woken up by a woman who asked him to come and pick her and her family up immediately and drive them to North Carolina.

He drove to their apartment where he found the two parents, three children and a small number of bags waiting for him. “Can you hurry up, we’re very scared,” the woman said. “The police followed my husband on his way back from work and that’s why we’re leaving.”

It took eight hours to get to North Carolina. The children slept the whole journey; the father sat in silence; the mother cried all the way.

From the heart-wrenching article about the effects of Alabama’s new law on an entire community.

Breaking News: Wall Street types are sexist pigs

11 Oct

When I (obnoxiously, I admit) asked the guys how much money they made, they responded with “What’s your cup size?” I told them that didn’t have anything to do with the story (duh) so they asked again. And again.

– Jane over at the Hairpin talks about the best time she occupied Wall Street

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