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Three Cheers for Health and Human Services

1 Aug

“We know that half of women, according to studies, forgo or delay preventive care because they can’t afford it, and under the Affordable Care Act that all changes,” White House adviser Stephanie Cutter told ABC News. “Most private health plans, including the private health care plan available to members of Congress, already include most of these services, including contraception. Family planning is something that keeps women healthy, and it was an important piece of today’s announcement.”

HHS Regulations Require Free Preventative Services for Women – The National Journal

America approves of God’s performance

27 Jul

Public Policy Polling recently checked in with America to find out how we’re all feeling about the debt ceiling, Congress, Rupert Murdoch, and, oh yeah, GOD. It’s very important that we monitor our feelings about God, and see if everyone’s happy, and if they’re not, like, can we call the Pope? Or the Scientologists? And just be like, Hey, here’s how we’re feeling about the Big Man Upstairs these days, and maybe he didn’t get Public Policy Polling’s press release, or doesn’t’ read HuffPo, or something and you could tell Him for us?

So America, how are you REALLY feeling about what God’s been doing these days? Continue reading

Why Can’t We All Be Like Martin

27 Jul

(Source: A-FACE-A-DAY)

Got PMS? Get Milk.

25 Jul

My husband asked me if I had seen/heard all the buzz surrounding the new and sexists got milk ADs today and sent me this wonderful link. The milk campaign compiles all the controversial tweets/fb posts/articles/ and video footage all wrapped up in one place with a bow. Apparently as of Thursday, they decided to stop running the campaign (formerly “Everything I Do is”) due to a bunch of pissed off ladies (and men).

They also link to a supposed study done about milk/calcium intake improving PMS symptoms but it all sounds like a bunch of bullshit. I eat tons of cheese, yogurt and cheerios DAILY and my period/cramps still suck to high heaven. So bite me California milk board.

This post brought to you by Maureen

No Doesn’t Mean No Until You Say it Twice – Part II

25 Jul
Last week I wrote a post that brought the notion of male persistence and female coyness up for debate. I questioned whether there might be a subconscious, or otherwise, “cat and mouse” game at play. Then this weekend I caught my very own subconscious playing tricks on me. There I was, at a bar, in the presence of a boy-that’s-a-friend who is good-looking. I was flirting with him (and he was flirting with me) and we started dancing with each other. And I noticed that I kept playfully pushing him away with an accompanying giggle, as if to say, “Oh, you! You stop that!” But the thing is, I didn’t really want him to stop that. Why was I pushing away his advances? Because to “give in” to him so quickly, so easily, would mean I was just “being had.” Ah-ha! And so I had caught myself playing into this illogical dynamic. I said to myself, “Fuck that; don’t be coy. If you want it, let it happen.”  So I did. Continue reading

“I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic.”

21 Jul

Thank you to the inspiring Alice Paul for so succinctly summing up the importance of individual, distinct pieces in the formation of a social movement. A mosaic, indeed.

[Authors note 1: To fully understand the content of this post, I highly recommend that you read this article. This essay, too. If not, and you just want to read the excerpts I directly respond to, that’s cool.]

To Rebecca Traister: When I saw “Clumsy Young Feminists” web headline, I began reading your article with my own prejudices. And then you start with an “I wanted to, but…” statement? [Author’s note 2: Rebecca, I know you didn’t approve that web headline (you just keep digging yourselves deeper, NY Times), but goddammit, I am not a clumsy young feminist.]

I wanted to love SlutWalks…
But at a moment when questions of sex and power, blame and credibility, and gender and justice are so ubiquitous and so urgent, I have mostly felt irritation that stripping down to skivvies and calling ourselves sluts is passing for keen retort.
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No Doesn’t Mean No Until You Say It Twice – Part I

20 Jul
Not too long ago, a friend and I were gossiping and dishing about our recent life adventures, as we often do. He started telling me about his weekend and a night out dancing with a past hook-up:On the dance floor, he kissed her, but she didn’t kiss back and she told him she “couldn’t.” So my friend said okay and backed off. But as the night went on, they continued dancing, and she started, “dancing into,” him. Taking this as a cue, my friend went in for the kiss again. This time, she kissed him back and the night ended at her place.

When I heard this story I was dumbfounded. Our conversation went something like this:
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