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Conversations with your fiancé

30 Aug

Me: Here’s what you should buy me as a housewarming gift —

Fiancé: Yeah, great idea.

I’ll buy you the $200 candle

because I love you.

(Read this — )

Me: I declare. Can we just be independently wealthy already? So we can pretend to dabble in photography and write long, illegible essays on the beauty of the failure of baseball in Moleskins that we keep in a color-coded fashion on bookshelves in our cabin in Maine?

And you can be an amateur cabinet maker who makes every cabinet, chair, and cajigger in our cabin?

But of course we will also need an apartment in Brooklyn…. ok. Let’s work on that.

Fiancé: Ok;

Let’s start tomorrow,

I’m busy today.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who pronounces fiancé like feeee-auuuuunnnsssss-A.

Sassy Suri Cruise Cures the Rainy Day blues…

26 Aug

I don’t know about you, but this day is drraagggging. It doesn’t help that we are all getting ready to feel the wrath of Hurrican Irene (post-earthquake of course).

Alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A little gem that my friend Sienna sent to me—Suri’s burn book. This amazing blog is written from the point of view of Suri Cruise about the missteps of celebrity children. She seems to have strong opinions about the Jolie-Pitt crew, as well as the daughters of Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck. (She’s a rich girl, and she’s gone too far…)

Check out some of my favorites so far (Note, you will get sucked in, don’t feel guilty about sitting back and reading all of the posts in one sitting):

August 24, 2011

I think I could be friends with Naleigh Kelley, daughter of Katherine Heigl. Not just because the print on that dress is super-cute and because having Asian friends is trendy, but also because the rumor is that Naleigh doesn’t really like her mom. (And by rumor, I mean Mrs. Kelley has talked about it in the press.)

I can relate because my relationship with my mother is complicated, too, and also because Katherine Heigl is JUST THE WORST.

Or this one… Continue reading


26 Aug

Happy Friday, errbody.

REVIEW: Fright Night

25 Aug

I had the opportunity to see Fright Night this weekend when I was in Upstate NY visiting my mother.

TOTAL DISCLAIMER: Because I was in upstate NY visiting my mother, I obviously had to go to one of the less than 700 remaining drive-in movie theaters (don’t worry, I’m not such a fanatic that I knew this offhand; I did a respectable amount of googling to arrive at that conclusion) in the U.S.  And because I was at one of the less than 700 remaining drive-in movie theaters in the U.S., I was also in one of the least-maintained movie theaters I’ve ever been to, and it was less than possible on several occasions to even see what was going on on the screen.


I was surprised to enjoy this movie.  All in all, I thought it was entertaining.  The first half an hour was a collection of grueling “awkward scenes where adults write what they imagine teenagers talk about” scenes, but once (*SPOILER ALERT!*) Continue reading

Predictive Policing: Yay or Nay?

24 Aug

The New York Times recently published an article about a new trend emerging – predictive policing.  In 
brief: a computer program has been developed and is being implemented 
in Santa Cruz to predict locations and blocks of time where certain 
crimes are most likely to occur.  It sounds like the system is 
evidence based: that is to say, based on an input of data on crime 
events in the city in the past, it spits out a sort of extrapolation 
on what might happen in the future, and when.  And evidently, they 
made an arrest utilizing that system already.  Continue reading

The Meta RE:ACTION – Kelcoh Embraces SlutWalk

18 Aug
Last night I attended the AAUW Re:Action debate on SlutWalk and SlutWalk DC. For those of you unable to attend, it featured a brilliant panel of young women:

I came to the panel with mostly reservations and criticisms of SlutWalk, mostly in regard to its effectiveness as an activist tactic. But as I listened to each of the panelists speak about their experiences with the local event, it became increasingly clear that SlutWalk is not about making a statement to the general public. It’s not even about sexual liberation or semantic reclamation. SlutWalk is about survivors.  Continue reading


16 Aug

If I get mansplained to one more time this week (yes it’s only Tuesday) I will be forced to Hold Fucking Forth on mansplaining and some may know my tirades are less fun than reading eloquent, witty, and poignant remarks from People Smarter Than Me on the Internet. Behold, Men Explain Things to Me; Facts Didn’t Get in Their Way, by Rebecca Solnit.

…billions of women must be out there on this six-billion-person planet being told that they are not reliable witnesses to their own lives, that the truth is not their property, now or ever.

and even better, because I love anyone that refers to a penis as a willie:   Continue reading

Being a Boy Feminist

15 Aug


(Thanks to Chloe for sharing this!)

Are we smarter than SlutWalk?

12 Aug

 There has been lots of chatter on whether SlutWalk is good, bad, or just ugly. As DC gears up for tomorrow’s SlutWalk, it seems appropriate for some second thoughts on all the hullabaloo. As Dawn so passionately put it earlier this month,

And how dare anyone claim or insinuate that the women and men marching, chanting, and participating in these incredible, widespread grassroots movements are anything less than brave and skilled and successful at exposing imbalances. They have the courage of their convictions, regardless of whether they’re wearing hotpants, a bra and undies, or sweatpants. They are taking to the streets and shouting out against the injustices that countless people face every fucking day.

Yet there’s a solid alternative view here, and it isn’t just held by the old feminist guard. My friend Laura broke down the controversy this way:

Slut tends to mean two things:

  1. A woman who fully and completely enjoys sex, owns her libido, acknowledges fascination with the taboo or fantastical and, simply put, is comfortable with intercourse.  OF COURSE, as a culture, we have to police that behavior.  Since colonial Virginia was founded, women in America have been used to “tame” men, both sexually and interpersonally.  If women refuse that role of virgin/angel, society is going to undergo significant change, and if nothing else is constant, as a group we Americans don’t like it when norms change.
  2. It also means a woman who engages frequently in careless sex.  As a feminist, this is the one I have a problem with.  Women should have all the sex that they want, but the notion of unprotected/unsafe sex as a cause for celebration is ridiculous.  Should women have the right to make that choice? Yes.  Should women be encouraged to consummate unwanted/unplanned for pregnancies or contract and then transmit preventable diseases?  No. 

I love the idea of reclaiming the first definition.  You can count me in for that protest.  However, I want nothing to do with the second definition.

My issue with the SlutWalk is that it seems to lack critical thinking.  The first SlutWalk in Toronto was because an officer said a ridiculous thing, demonstrating his complete lack of critical thinking skills when it comes to gender, sex, and sexuality.  Why on earth would we protest that action by doing the exact same thing?  That doesn’t make the point – that just solidifies the two sides as intractable enemies.  We’re smarter than that.

More thoughts on this as we have them, folks. Stay tuned…..

Let’s Discuss: The new Lady phone

11 Aug

Verizon is set to sell a new Android phone called the HTC Bliss, a seafoam-green phone made just for the ladies. With a little charm that lights up when you get a text, the phone is rumored to come with a calorie counter and a shopping app already programmed in.

CUE CONTROVERSY. Mislabeled ladies, please discuss. Continue reading

HUMP DAY: Sex (Ed) in The City

10 Aug

On this momentous occasion, I propose a toast to New York City. Not because its the greatest city in the world, a bustling metropolis of good looking and fashionable people, or the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Indeed, it is all of these things and more.  But today– today I toast to New York because they have just mandated proper sex education in all of their public schools.  Continue reading

200 Posts = Party Time

10 Aug

As this is our 200th post (!!!) we thought we’d take a minute to thank all of our lovely readers and highlight your favorite (and our favorite) posts!

Based on views per post, you all have pushed these entries into Mislabeled stardom: Continue reading

Better Than Me: Women’s Groups Support Michele Bachmann Over Newsweek Cover

10 Aug

I think women deserve a ton more credit than they are currently getting. I know that in a similar situation I’d never react the same way many of them have over the recent Newsweek cover which depicted Michele Bachmann in a rather sexist way.

First, was the cover actually sexist? I think the Newsweek staff wanted to picture Michele Bachmann in the least flattering way possible. I think they wanted to make her look stupid. The picture, coupled with the “Queen of Rage” caption, successfully made Bachmann look like a crazy. Would a man be treated the same way? By Newsweek maybe, but that’s because they suck. Does that mean it’s not sexist? No, it’s still sexist because it seeks to demote the only women in the race for president based on appearance only. The media did it to Hillary Clinton too and she’s not the only one. But seriously, defending Bachmann?

Bachmann is anti-choice. She thinks that all women should be subservient to men, and asks for her husband’s permission to do basically everything (AND expects all women to act the exact same way).  So what’s to defend? Here’s where I give women’s orgs some serious credit. Continue reading

Can you just, run into the store and buy me tampons?

9 Aug

In this experiment, a girl has left her bike lock at home and asks male passers-by to run into the drug store and buy her some tampons. See the hilarious, and eye-opening, lengths people go to in order to avoid the embarrassment of buying tampons.

I remember when I first got my period. Continue reading

Surprise Of The Day: Fox News And Megyn Kelly Defend Paid Maternity Leave

8 Aug

I usually disagree with just about everything Megyn Kelly says or stands for. The 1 PM host of America Live, the Fox News Channel’s mid-day opinion show, usually has Kelly spewing right-wing talking points and propaganda. But today something CRAZY happened. Continue reading

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