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“Weddings. Minus the insanity, plus the marriage”

26 May

I spent last weekend at a lakehouse in Georgia, jumping off docks and tossing Bocce balls. It was a great vacation.

The 25-guest house was the venue for a bachelor/bachelorette weekend getaway at the lake – designed to let the bridal party get to know each other a couple months before the wedding over sunshine, drinks, tons of food and lots of water sports. Needless to say, it was a blast.

One of the best parts of the weekend was hearing the group recount memories from the weddings of others in the group – simple, outdoor affairs with vegetarian meals and live music by this New Orleans brass band – vintage dresses and ring settings. It was all so romantic.

I’d like to say here that I am not a girl that has always dreamed about her wedding day. Sure, I’ve thought about it, but it is definitely not an aspect of life that I have obsessed over*. I know all about the wedding industrial complex and have talked it to death. That’s exactly why it was so refreshing to be amongst married and soon-to-be married couples talk about their weddings in a totally simple, romantic, practical, and smart way.

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The Strauss-Kahn ‘Rape’

23 May

This comic brought to you by Matt Bors. It originally appeared on, and is re-posted with permission. 

How to Embarrass Yourself via Text Message

17 May

Definitely send this to someone you may or may not be interested in:


Full of Conviction, Full of Child

12 May

The following is an excerpt from a letter, written to me by my bff Jaime, who, for the past nine months, has been carrying a human child in her womb:

I’ve been accepted for the Fulbright, as an alternate candidate, as you know. I’ve been actively pursing study-abroad options. Very actively. Student-teaching abroad, Fulbright, other programs, etc – because I think that’s what I want.

Yet now I’m having a baby. Perhaps tomorrow.

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HUMP DAY: The Best Month of the Year

11 May

Happy Hump Day! And hey – its May! You know what May is? National Masturbation Month!

That’s right. Its a whole month dedicated to the safest sex possible! It was apparently started by Good Vibrations, a sex education and toy shop based out of San Francisco (of course) to increase awareness about masturbation in the public and private spheres, as well as increase education around masturbation and sexual health.

I remember reading an issue of Seventeen wayy back when, and they had an article about how often it’s ok to “hit the sheets, solo style.” (I believe the answer was something along the lines of “everything in moderation”) I was pleased to see that Seventeen is still repping a solo-sex-positive stance. They’re even busting some myths about the “m-word,” Continue reading

Screw Mother’s Day. (straight from the mouth of a mother)

8 May

I can’t take it anymore and I have to get something off my chest; Mother’s Day is bullshit. And this is straight from the mouth of a mother.

I am so over the targeted jewelry commercials, overly sentimental e-cards, and reinforced societal stereotypes regarding who or what makes a good mom. If I made a compilation of all of the ridiculously offensive Mother’s Day advertisements, this post would never end. Aside from the fact that most of the commercials show mothers either taking care of household chores or tending to kids, my personal favorites are the ones that suggest we are simplistic, one-dimensional beings who will fall over for shiny, new jewelry like a dog for a sausage.

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Selena Gomez is a BAMF

6 May

YOU SEE THAT NICKI VIDEO?? I never want to stop listening to that song. And then (once again from the YouTube gods) came this:

Whhhaaaaa. I thought T Swizzle would have been way better than this. Remember Thug Story?? All this time she’s had me fooled. Psshh. (Bitch totally had it right on with their column on Taylor Swift in the latest issue.)

Selena Gomez kicks ass!!  Also, she’s best friends with Ellen. (I don’t really want to think about her dating Justin Beiber, because frankly, I don’t care.) It’s weird enough that we’re talking about teen girl squad celebrities to begin with.

This post brought to you by Tara, who can hear that boom-ba-doom-boom bass.

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