Who is Mislabeled?

You think you know us.

Man-hating, miserable, militant feminists.

But we think we’ve been mislabeled. And we’re sick and tired of “the F word” taboo.

(Pardon the not-so-great video. Youtube these days, geez.)

Anyway! We’ve come with all the knowledge, snark and hyperlinks we’ve got to chat up fellow fems and curious Georges.

While we’re interested in debunking the feminist mislabels, we’re not solely dedicated to myth busting. (We leave that to the masters.) What we really want to do is talk about how feminism plays into so many parts of our lives – sex, friendship, activism, music, you name it – without any lectures or straight-up propaganda.

We’re excited to introduce you to our writers, who include amateur food bloggers, Vagina Monologues fans, confused religious feminists, sassy pro-choicers, pop culture enthusiasts, and a whole bunch of guest bloggers who are ready to engage.

Basically, we’re here to start a conversation and a community. Seems a bit lofty, no? I point all dream killers here, with the promise that we won’t take ourselves too seriously.

Welcome to mislabeled. Let the feminist mayhem begin.

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