Knowing a Lug Nut From a Spark Plug

5 Oct

Here’s one more reason why I regret forever not taking a job offer in Burlington, VT when I had the chance….

I present to you…


Somewhere along the way I saw a video of this woman talking about how frustrating it was to be unemployed during the onset of the recession, and how she felt a need for some reason or another to get involved with automechanics – I can’t remember the specifics of her story but anyway.  She got educated both in mechanics and in women’s small business ownership, bought a garage, and started her shit!  So. Fucking. Cool.  I find it especially inspiring because in my experience, car-lingo is a foreign language.  I become completely crippled and unable to advocate for myself with car issues because I a) don’t know a lug nut from a spark plug (ok that’s an exaggeration, I could tell those two apart, but still) and b) mechanics tend to treat me as the silly girl who doesn’t know a lug nut from a spark plug.

I have spent over $4,000 on my car in the last 6 months (and I’ve only had it for a year!).  In the last 7 DAYS, I have spent $2,000.  Nearly half of that was on repairs that I probably did not need but at the time did not know I was being worked over and/or misdiagnosed.

I’m going to send an email to this woman and ask her how to get educated on this shit!

This post brought to you by Chloe, who thinks it might be better to travel by horse these days. 


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