My blue sequined skirt is not an invitation for you to rape me.

4 Oct

This video popped up on my Tumblr feed today, and I had to share, 1.)  because of the message of the video, and  2.) because of the accents.

The video’s not new; it debuted in May of last year, and was shown during the coverage of the Brazil World Cup game. Nice air time. The Not Ever campaign is based in Scotland and aims at changing public perception as well as combating the atmosphere of victim-blaming, all the while advocating against Scotland’s super-narrow definition of what ‘rape’ is.

According to their website, Scotland’s law defined rape as penetration of a woman’s vagina by a man’s penis (to however small a degree) without the woman’s consent. This law was broadened recently to include clauses for male rape, and non-vaginal rape. The law now includes penile penetration of someone’s vagina, anus or mouth without their consent. 

As we in the US know that defining rape can be a tricky thing, especially when politics are involved.

The Not Ever campaign is still up and running (you can follow them on twitter) and their message is still relevant – to everyone, everywhere. I think we can draw some pretty thick dotted lines between the message of this video and the continuing message of the Slutwalks that are happening all over the world: no one is ever “asking” to be raped, no matter what clothes they are wearing.

BTW, Slutwalk NYC just happened – check out some pics here, and definitely read Sady Doyle’s In These Times piece. She makes some great connections with the Occupy Wall Street protests.


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