Trending: #LawsMenShouldFollow

27 Sep

Hey Tweeps. Yeah, I know you’relurkin. You already know that #LawsMenShouldFollow is trending today in the twitterverse. Imagine my delight when I see this! I am having a ball. Ooooh this will be so fun. (P.S. Does God really count lady tears??)

LOL, that’s troo!

Sex advice:

Tell your friends…

Fuckin’ AMEN. Ladies first, y’all… make sure she nuts! (what?) Don’t be grimy.

Nothing but Waffle House for this girl! But for realz, nice move Waffle House. That is some strategic tweeting.

Of course, this is all too good to be true.

Har Har. Sexist jokes are sooo funny. I’m peeing my pants laughing so hard at your sandwich joke.

We thought we’d come up with a few, too.

  1. #LawsMenShouldFollow Make your own goddamn sandwich. Then you can’t complain about what’s in it.
  2. #LawsMenShouldFollow In a house of ladies, put the toilet seat down plz?
  3. #LawsMenShouldFollow Enthusiastic Consent… don’t just get it, ENJOY IT.
  4. #LawsMenShouldFollow Unlearn sexism.
  5. #LawsMenShouldFollow Ironing is a man skill. Gotta keep them shirts FRESH to DEAF.
  6. #LawsMenShouldFollow Don’t laugh at rape jokes.
  7. #LawsMenShouldFollow Don’t rape people.
  8. #LawsMenShouldFollow It’s okay to have feelings.
  9. #LawsMenShouldFollow Violence does not equal masculinity.
  10. #LawsMenShouldFollow You don’t have to know about sports and cars to be a “real man.”
  11. #LawsMenShouldFollow Be honest. Be open. Be kind.
  12. #LawsMenShouldFollow No love without the Glove.

This is a call to action! Take to twitter and join in on the conversation – what are your #LawsMenShouldFollow?

This post brought to you by Tara, who can be found tweeting #LawsMenShouldFollow all day.


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