Ladies can’t watch sports unless they love sports

27 Sep

Rich Santos of Marie Claire has some advice for budding female sports enthusiasts: Make sure you truly want to learn about sports.

Santos published somewhat of a how-to for men and their girlfriends to get into sports together, explaining how to fix the oft-repeated stereotype that men have to choose between a lady-friend and “bros” for Sunday football. His advice boils down to this: it’s sexy if you know Steelers back-up players but not if you like “trendy” teams like the Yankees. Basically, if you pretend to know sports, that’s no good. Only watch sports with the men if you actually KNOW sports or want to learn about them.

As was recently brought up in a conversation I was having with some enlightened females, sometimes men and women need their space. Let’s go now to every lady’s favorite example for anything: Pride and Prejudice. In the Keira Knightley version, Charlotte Lucas has a scene where she invites Elizabeth Bennett into her private sitting room where “she won’t be bothered.” This room is her escape not only from her husband, Mr. Collins, but also from the daily grind.

In non-P&P real life,  things are the same. Except sometimes you don’t want the space. Sometimes you want to hang out with your significant other, and do we really have to “want to learn” to participate in that activity?

(For those of you who are now asking, what did all of this have to do with P&P, just stop. We don’t need excuses to talk about these things. )

I guarantee that I phone it in on a regular basis when going shopping, but my significant other doesn’t think I’m some kind of fake. She knows I don’t want to learn about fashion, I want to make her happy and spend some quality time with her//buy clothes that she thinks I should wear.

Why then does the opposite have to be true for women and sports? Isn’t she allowed to just come to spend time with me? Granted my lady understands sports and has some passionate feelings about her teams. But if she didn’t, would she still be invited to watch the games on Sunday? Of course. But unlike the unfortunate girl that Santos dates, mine won’t have to prove her knowledge of sports intricate details in order to have fun with me and my friends.

And if she really wanted to, I’d even let her root for the Yankees.

This post is brought to you by Sal, a Mets fan who dates a Phillies gal.


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