HUMP DAY: Back-to-School Predictions (Yes, No, Maybe-So)

7 Sep

It’s the start of a new school year, and if you’re fortunate enough to still be a student, its basically the only way your brain processes a calendar. Its a new year, a fresh start.  You’ve got your new outfit picked out for the first day, you have plans to meet your best friend in your secret spot in the stacks and you’ve got your eye on the cute boy sitting diagonally across from you in Psych 4300 (you’re a smart cookie). Most importantly, you and your aforementioned bestie have already written out a year’s worth of predictions and goals for the year and you are gonna get-fucking-to-it.

I just moved into a new house with my biddie friends and we’ve got a list of predictions, too:

– Spend an entire day on the roof

– Host a beautiful outdoor gathering like something out of Kinfolk

– Have sex in the kitchen

…and many other things

Speaking of sex in the kitchen…here’s another list you should be checking out:

The Consensual Project has given us one of the best tools to jumpstart your year of sexual to-do’s on the path of enthusiastic consent – and I promise that filling this out either alone or with a partner will help you realize and hopefully actualize some fantasies and personal boundaries – all things that make enthusiastic consent such a uniquely fulfilling experience. It’s an ongoing conversation that can enhance your intimate relationships like woah.

We’ve talked about enthusiastic consent before, and you’ve probably read about it in a ton of other places. Aside from having the potential power to reshape and even reverse rape culture, enthusiastic consent is a way of life that can (and will!) bring some major improvements to your love life – and life in general.

It’s called Yes, No, Maybe: Your Personalized List, and it looks a little something like this:

Brainstorm some sexual or intimate activities that you or your partner have thought about doing, or have always wanted to try. Then you can rate from 1-5 how willing or experienced you are with said activity, along with any thoughts or notes about it! Then you set off on crossing off some to-do’s, while keeping an open line of communication with your partner about what turns you on and what turns you off.

Before you get stressed out at the thought of all your pending to-do lists for homework and reading lists, print a copy of the Yes, No, Maybe list here, and start crossing things off! Best of luck, you scholar, you.

This post brought to you by Tara, who is wishing today that she was going back to school, too. 

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