16 Aug

If I get mansplained to one more time this week (yes it’s only Tuesday) I will be forced to Hold Fucking Forth on mansplaining and some may know my tirades are less fun than reading eloquent, witty, and poignant remarks from People Smarter Than Me on the Internet. Behold, Men Explain Things to Me; Facts Didn’t Get in Their Way, by Rebecca Solnit.

…billions of women must be out there on this six-billion-person planet being told that they are not reliable witnesses to their own lives, that the truth is not their property, now or ever.

and even better, because I love anyone that refers to a penis as a willie:  

A Freudian would claim to know what they have and I lack, but intelligence is not situated in the crotch — even if you can write one of Virginia Woolf’s long mellifluous musical sentences about the subtle subjugation of women in the snow with your willie.

I particularly like how she ties this act of silencing and rewriting to more than just a “closed door” but how it is actually tangibly violence.

…for anyone about to argue that workplace sexual intimidation isn’t a life or death issue, remember that Marine Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach, age 20, was apparently killed by her higher-ranking colleague last winter while she was waiting to testify that he raped her. The burned remains of her pregnant body were found in the fire pit in his backyard in December. Being told that, categorically, he knows what he’s talking about and she doesn’t, however minor a part of any given conversation, perpetuates the ugliness of this world and holds back its light.

Read the whole thing here.

This post brought to you somewhat vicariously through Chloe


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