UPDATE: PMS Milk Ads Get the Funny or Die Treatment…and I like it.

8 Aug

A couple weeks ago, Maureen brought our attention to a recent ad campaign from the folks at Got Milk? that was seriously troubling.

Shortly thereafter, the Funny Or Die peeps brought us a satisfying comeback with some precious parodies:

But some feminist bloggers aren’t so sure they work, as tumblinfeminist points out:

I can’t decide if these are parodying the original advertisements’ sexism, are just busing a chance to be sexist (as per usual), or if they are just as sexist and annoying with good intentions to parody the sexism in the original ads.

I think they’re pretty spot on, especially with the cum shot thing. I’m sure that there are women out there who enjoy a good splooge in the face – but I am not one of them, and I’m appalled when I hear dudes talk about it. I feel like this is a side effect of our ever -influential porn industry, and the lack of good sex education. If the only information pubescent teens are getting is from free porn that they’re watching on the internet – they’re going to expect that sex includes hairless vaginas and ends with a facial. [See rule 1 of Tara’s Tips for Revolutionary Sex Education]

Check out the rest of the Funny or Die parody ads here – and let me know your thoughts!

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One Response to “UPDATE: PMS Milk Ads Get the Funny or Die Treatment…and I like it.”

  1. Maureen August 8, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    These are 100% more hilarious than the originals. Although satirical yet still slightly offensive – you forget about how much it bothers you because you’re laughing so hard. My personal favorite is the one about boob ownership.

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