What Mr. Weiner’s weiner (maybe) says about feminism

8 Jun

“In five decades, we’ve moved from the pre-feminist mantra about the sexual peccadilloes of married men — Boys will be boys — to post-feminist resignation: Men are dogs. And there’s no point in feminists wasting their ire at women being objectified because many women these days seem all too ready to play along.

We’ve traded places with France. There, after D.S.K., a spirited feminism has blossomed, an urge to stop covering up seamy incidents of droit du seigneur. Now we’re the world-weary ones, with little energy to try to reform relations between the sexes: Is there any point, really, in trying to fix men?”

Maureen Dowd

2 Responses to “What Mr. Weiner’s weiner (maybe) says about feminism”

  1. Dawn June 8, 2011 at 10:43 am #

    The “is there any point, really, in trying to fix men?” question really rubs me the wrong way. My issues as a feminist are not with men, but with the institutionalized sexism, discrimination, and overbearing patriarchal attitudes.

    “Fixing men” is not the answer to these problems; confronting instances of misogyny and inequality while holding everyone (regardless of gender) accountable for improving the human condition.

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