To snip or not to snip: That, and other questions…

8 Jun

You know what (or who) I find obnoxious? People who want to tell you what to do with your own body. This sounds like familiar territory for sure. But I’m not talking about a word that rhymes with proportion, I’m talking about circumcision.

To snip or not to snip? To ban or not to ban? These are the questions.

This debate has gained traction in California where the issue of banning circumcision will be on San Francisco’s ballot in November, and now Santa Monica is attempting to push for a similar measure.

Eloquently and philosophically, I raise this question: WHY IS EVERYONE IN EVERYONE ELSES PANTS?!?!

In the mommy world, this is a huge debate. It’s the new working mom vs. stay at home mom argument. If you go through with the circumcision, you are barbaric and should go to jail. If you decide not to, you are for SURE giving your kid an STD, possibly AIDS. Either way, you obviously don’t love your child, so just give up now.

I could go through the religious debate and also offer the medical perspectives from both sides, but you would fall asleep. I know I would. The main principal is this: People should have the right to make decisions on behalf of what is best for their family.

Seriously, what business of yours is it if someone decides to chop off the foreskin on their own son? Oh wait, it’s not. And who cares if they decide not to. It has absolutely no bearing on you, your own life, or your own children. Like, shut up.

Also! This just in – the woman behind the no-snip effort, Jena Troutman, has recently abandoned her own platform. She cites that her original efforts have been misconstrued and the new measures are now encroaching on religious and personal freedom. You think?

 This post brought to you by Maureen, who has a circumcised 4 year old and doesn’t let anyone make her feel bad about it.

One Response to “To snip or not to snip: That, and other questions…”

  1. Restoring Tally June 18, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

    You say, “You know what (or who) I find obnoxious? People who want to tell you what to do with your own body.”

    But, parents circumcising their son IS someone else messing with a body that is not theirs. Get it? I was circumcised as a baby. I had no choice in what happened to my body. I was healthy. There was nothing wrong with me. But, they cut off part of my penis. I would have preferred to keep my whole body. But SOMEONE ELSE decided that I did not need it. So, yeah. People need to keep their hands out of the pants of males. Let each man decide if he wants to be circumcised. After all, he is the one who is going to use it. His body, his choice.

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