Let’s Discuss: Rihanna’s New Video

2 Jun

(via email)

Tara: Have you guys seen this?

[Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ video ‘inexcusable,’ parent group says – CNN.com]

Here’s the video: 

Dawn: So I watched this yesterday. Honestly, I in no way condone violence, but this is a music video; a piece of performance art that is an interpretation of a musical work. I think it’s powerful.

In the Bad Romance video, Gaga is captured, bid on, and bought for sex by some group of skeezy guys. She burns him crispy with her fire bra thing at the end. I don’t remember a controversy around that?

Again, I don’t think that shooting someone after they assault you is a solution to the problem, but drawing attention to the issue and the fact that it is a horrible crime that has lasting impact on the victim/survivor is something that our society needs to talk about and figure out how to address. Rihanna is right–we turn the other cheek. She just created a piece of art that stops you from ignoring the problem. It’s about damn time we faced this head on.

Tara: Let’s keep an eye on what other blogs are saying. You can see what I commented here (7 thumbs up!):

[Rihanna Responds to ‘Man Down’ Video Controversy & Parents Television Council – Celebuzz]

I can’t believe they’re referring to this as a display of domestic violence. This was sexual assault. The male character in this scenario was not Rihanna’s “love interest” – he was a dude at the club who was being aggressive and she pushed away, who later followed her out and raped her.

Rihanna is bringing serious issues of sexual violence and aggression towards women to a huge audience with this video. Sure, gun violence is not the answer, but Rihanna should be applauded for using her celebrity status to broach the subject that so many people tip-toe around. How are we supposed to make the world safer for men and women if we don’t address serious issues like rape and sexual violence?

Rachel: yes, good point. media that portray this in the wrong light is totes something to hit on, and that article does a shitty job…. “violent relationship”?

This is an issue we need to be talking about, so its good that the video is sparking that dialog. But if media cant even call it for it is (sexual assault), that’s not a good start for discussion.

Dawn: Jezebel’s post about it:

[Rihanna Shoots Her Rapist in Her New Video – Jezebel]

Tara: I think Jez gets it right. and OMG FOX NEWS MAKES ME CRRRAAAAAZZZYYYYYY

Dawn: Right?! I’m pleased with Jezebel’s response. Fuck Fox News. Ridiculous.

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