Letter From the Editor: Angry Feminists

27 May

Yesterday, we published a rebuttal from Tom, who wanted feminists to calm down and chat reasonably.

We were happy to publish his post, mostly because we’re interested in talking with everyone we can about what feminism means to different people. As Tom’s post shows, lots of people think feminism means anger, and we appreciate and understand where that comes from.

BUT. But, dear Tom, that’s the reason we named this blog Mislabeled. In our minds, Mislabeled tries damn hard to be reasonable, to chat calmly, to give everyone a place to weigh in. And besides, we’re not always angry. We’re actually pretty happy people! We like puppies, and Hump Day, and Fancy things, and we write about them all the time.

When we are pissed off, (and we admit, it happens) we try to channel our anger through sass and sarcasm. The world can be frustrating, and we have a right to be frustrated, to relay that frustration. But we don’t’ want to open our mouths just to see people tune out and walk away. We don’t want to attack you, we want to talk to you! We’re not always perfect in our pursuit of approachability, but we are trying. Can we get some extra credit for that, please? Please?

Thank you.

Anyway. There’s a nice little moral to this story: stereotypes about feminism matter. We need to be aware of these perceptions and craft our responses appropriately. That doesn’t mean we can’t get angry, and the Toms of the world need to know that. We are allowed to be angry. You don’t have to look far to see that women of all colors, in all sizes, of all faiths, of all incomes are mistreated at the hands of others, and we won’t sit silent while that happens.

We’re going to make some goddamn noise.

But we’ll try to do that in a way that keeps people in their seats. We hope you’ll stick around and join in our conversation.


The Editors

One Response to “Letter From the Editor: Angry Feminists”


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