Defending feminism on the flip cup table

19 May

Laura's lovely kickball team!

Thursday mornings are always a little rough for me, because I have kickball on Wednesday evenings. For those of you not familiar with “adult kickball,” yes it is the same game you played in elementary school but with a lot more drinking. My team consists of friends from college mixed in with some randoms who we have all grown to love. We are still learning how to win on the field, often making messy plays and dropping fly balls. So far, our only strategy is talking tons of trash—our captain doesn’t even play, she just holds her scorecard and screams obscenities at the other team and the refs. At least she doesn’t send out crazy ass emails like this one.

Of course we all love playing the game, but the main point of kickball is to win off the field, at the bar. While our team may not get the W on the field, we almost always get a W in our flip cup games. After the game, we all head over to the bar where we continue to battle our opponents in the game we all played in college. Last night, I had a particularly interesting run in at the flip cup table. We were assembling our team on our side of the table and loading it with some of our best players. On the other side of the table, it was an even mix of ladies and gents, but on our side it was mostly ladies. One of the frat-tastic guys on the other side said “we can’t play you, you don’t have any guys on your team,” insisting they would feel bad winning against a group of girls. Let me point out that I’m not one to spew feminist facts at a bar, but I will most certainly stand up for my lady friends. I got in his face and definitely told him that just because we are ladies, does not mean we can’t win. We had a little back and forth going on, at which one point I mentioned I work for a women’s organization, and he laughed and called me a crazy feminist. We challenged each other to a flip off, and this “crazy feminist” (his words, not mine) beat him every time. One and done.

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This post brought to you be Laura, Mislabeled’s resident flip-cup CHAMP.


One Response to “Defending feminism on the flip cup table”

  1. LanceT May 19, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    HA! Awesome! I hope that guy gets a cold sore.

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