Childish Cynicism & “Assholitus”

18 May

You know what irritates me? Assholes.

I really loathe people who are so negative and attempt to bring everyone down.

Enter Rob.

Yesterday, my husband posted a link as his FB status highlighting Special Envoy Now, an online rally urging President Obama to stand up for Congo and appoint a Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region. Rob, in his usual fashion, goes off. I’ve noticed he does this a lot whenever my husband posts anything political. I usually try to ignore him kind of like how you would ignore the younglings at the kids’ table for Thanksgiving dinner. He’s one of those people that could potentially have valid arguments, if he actually met other people’s comments with anything other than childish cynicism and a little disease I like to call assholitus.

I’ve found that those who suffer from assholitus have the tendency to display erratic behavior via computer, type in caps lock, and make little sense, thus watering down their initial argument. I think what Rob needs is someone to give him a giant hug, warm cookies and a prescription to cure that pesky assholitus.

But enough about Rob, I’m on to bigger and better things that ‘don’t matter.’ Like, Special Envoy Now.

This post is brought to you by Maureen, who so wonderfully shared the cure for assholitus with the world.

One Response to “Childish Cynicism & “Assholitus””

  1. Cheryl May 18, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    I’m sorry, is there a better way to raise awareness for a cause than the most used social network in the world?? If what happened in Egypt hasn’t proved how effective a tool Facebook can be, I’m not sure what would convince this guy. Oh wait, your goal was to “unrape” women. He’s right, that’s definitely not the way to do that. Geez, Maureen. How dare you insult these women with your petty attempts to help them!

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