I guess I’m glad I’m not European?

17 May

Hey remember all that stuff us feminists made up about a rape culture in America that perpetuates cycles of violence against women?  Well the French are calling our bluff. That’s right biddies, they have figured out our evil, jealous plot to bring down the men who just want to love us.  Of course by love, they actually mean fuck… pardon my French. (Pun intended. Zing!)

Aaanyways, in an article released by the Atlantic yesterday, journalist Heather Horn (also a woman, see the conspiracy forming here??) points out the biased headlines coming from French news sources concerning the alleged assault of a hotel maid by IMF leader and French Presidential candidate Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

These articles portray DSK as an innocent man being persecuted for his “affection” for women, much like many great, horny men before him, such as Tiger Woods and our own former President Clinton.  The only problem with these analogies is that Monica Lewinsky, for example, wasn’t locked in a bathroom and forced to suck some presidential dick – she consented, and the issue was adultery and dishonesty, not assault.

In a French article released by Le Nouvel Observateur, Americans are actually called “Puritans” for investigating the allegations.

Heart of Gold

Okay.  Real talk time.  Don’t you find this hilariously ironic?  I mean really!  The USA.  Home to Kappa SigmaTexas, and this guy is being portrayed as a country that harshly cracks down on men’s sexual prowess by accusing ‘innocent womanizers’ of rape.  I mean, we convict and give jail time (not accounting for how absurdly short it may be) to a whole six percent of rapists in this country. Six!  The fact that we are actually being portrayed as militant in this scenario is so funny I almost forgot to cry.

Oh and no coincidence that articles with similar headlines are also coming out of Italy, another supposedly civilized country that tolerates the sexually exploitative behavior of its political representatives.

Just when I thought the world had reached critical mass of batshit crazy lifestyle misogynists, the leader of the International Monetary Fund forces himself on a hotel maid and then attempts to flee to France.  I guess now that allegory about the IMF raping the developing world has been made terribly literal. (zing.)

This post brought to you by Alexa. (USA! USA! USA?)


One Response to “I guess I’m glad I’m not European?”

  1. LanceT May 19, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    Way to ruin a perfectly good super model name. What a jerk.

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