Selena Gomez is a BAMF

6 May

YOU SEE THAT NICKI VIDEO?? I never want to stop listening to that song. And then (once again from the YouTube gods) came this:

Whhhaaaaa. I thought T Swizzle would have been way better than this. Remember Thug Story?? All this time she’s had me fooled. Psshh. (Bitch totally had it right on with their column on Taylor Swift in the latest issue.)

Selena Gomez kicks ass!!  Also, she’s best friends with Ellen. (I don’t really want to think about her dating Justin Beiber, because frankly, I don’t care.) It’s weird enough that we’re talking about teen girl squad celebrities to begin with.

This post brought to you by Tara, who can hear that boom-ba-doom-boom bass.


One Response to “Selena Gomez is a BAMF”


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    […] think you can do something better than Nicki Minaj. Like, you should be high, or a musical genius. (Ask T-Swift.)  Which is why I was shocked and slightly embarrassed when Karmin tried to cover “Super […]

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