6 May

Our girl Nicki just released her video for Super Bass today!!!!!!! Here it is! Watch it! It’s so fun!

OK, and now I’m gonna take my Nicki love way too far and say that this shit makes “Judas” look lame, sorry Gaga. (I’m not sorry.)

Both videos have motorcycles, but Nicki’s is ICEEEEEEEEEEE. Plus, BONUS, Nicki’s vid has a pink Barbie convertible, which you KNOW you’ve wanted since age 6.

And Gaga is wearing the same tired shit in her video (look!  it’s a bra, didn’t you wear that to the Yankees game? how SCANDALOUS), while Nicki is all like HEYOOOO. WHO LIKES PINK LEOPARD? ME! ME!

And finally, I am tired, tired, tired of the Madonna/Gaga/Jesus/whatevs. Just dance and sing and ride your motorcycle. No need to bring poor Jesus into it.

OK, I’m done. No really though, I’m not done. Videos aside, Nicki still comes out the winner. She is so down with admitting that she’s plastic. She consciously makes an effort to be a parody of Barbie. Meanwhile, Gaga is all like YOU ARE SPECIAL. I AM SPECIAL. LETS LOVE EACH OTHER AND LISTEN TO BAD MUSIC.
And then I’m like, vommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The end.

This post, and the subsequent Gaga vs. Nicki fight, has been brought to you by Rachel.


2 Responses to “HAPPY PINK FRIDAY (Gaga Vs. Nicki)”


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