Now In Theaters: Your Mom

4 May

Mother’s Day, the 24-hour period when we celebrate the original feminists, is a-coming. And we think you should go above and beyond this year for your mama. I mean, definitely keep the home-cooked meals, the coupons for free vacuuming, and the floral-scented candles. But add in something a little extra. You know, like your mom’s very own movie.

And per usual, Mislabeled can help you out. Check out this customizable video announcing your mother as the star of an upcoming movie.

This sappy, short video is a faux movie trailer for “world’s greatest mom” (AKA my mom!) starring your favorite mom(s)

You have to see it to believe it. Watch it here!

Send this video to all your favorite moms so that they can become the star of their own movie. It’s inspiring, it honors mothers, plus it educates folks about economic issues facing mothers, which is something all mothers will likely appreciate.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, whose Mama makes excellent chocolate pudding and sends the most high-larious text messages.

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