Arrested, with child

2 May

As if it wasn’t traumatizing enough the first time the school was threatened by a government shutdown, the Catherine Ferguson Academy, a school for pregnant teens and teen mothers, is again being threatened by a government takeover in the form of an “emergency financial manager.” So here’s the not-so-skinny:

The government tries to vote away Planned Parenthood, so these girls have a harder time getting their family planning services covered. These girls get pregnant and think that there is nothing left for them because school will just be too much once they have a baby. A benevolent woman opens a special school for these girls with a daycare facility, teaches them life skills while graduating them from high school, and gives them a 90% chance of being accepted to a college with full financial aid. And finally, in a last ditch effort to screw over these already impoverished girls, a new government-appointed city dictator cuts funding for their school! Proving their commitment, the students stage a protest and are actually arrested for being at their own school. God forbid we create contributing members of society out of these young women and their children! Does anyone else see a cycle here?

Take it away, Rachel:

This guest post brought to you by Kaelee, a Michigan resident who is quite outraged with Mr. Bobb

One Response to “Arrested, with child”

  1. Maureen May 2, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    Arresting teenagers for demonstrating at their own school. How fucking absurd!

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