OH YOU FANCY HUH: Wedding Edition

29 Apr

Today, as you all know, is the event that will not be named*.

If you came to Mislabeled thinking we would be gushing about the event we shall not name, well you should just get lost. Go to another blog that will exploit some poor couple’s event to get page views. We don’t stoop that low. We are too fancy (AND AMERICAN) to care about  nasty people who tax other people who aren’t represented. (Sorry, Republicans, today I’m not talking about you.)

OK, with that out of the way. LET’S TALK ABOUT WEDDINGS! This may be old news, but Anthropologie released a wedding shop called BHLDN awhile back, and it is absolutely a fancy fan’s dream. So let’s be super girly and look at everything we need to have a fancy wedding and/or a great lunch break.


I love this website because every wedding gown has a personality. Most of them aren’t hospital white (ew), and they all have some character that you look at and say, YES, THAT DRESS IS TOTES TARA, or YES, ELLEN WOULD WEAR THIS BECAUSE ooooh SEE IT MATCHES HER HAIR, or whatever. So you can just look at it and say that about all your friends, or you can look at it BECAUSE IT IS SO. SO. FANCY.


Dude, there is nothing less fancy than all the ugly dresses bridesmaids are forced to wear. And sure, it’s all high-larious pictures and laughter under you’re the one wearing the gross dress. So here’s what you do. You buy one of these dresses.

Again, each dress just has so much personality and a slight vintage element (yusss!). These dresses make you want to morph into Rachel Zoe and say I DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

So now that we’re dead, it’s time to move on to accessories.

SHOES. They have lots of really wonderful, colorful shoes here, but my favorites are….

OK, THIS IS NOT A NECKLACE. THIS IS A SANDAL. I have never seen these before, but now I want them even though they are $600 because THEY ARE SHOES YOU GO BAREFOOT IN, which means they are useless except for being beaiutiful, and to me that’s the true meaning of fancy.

Then this lovely duo, with this (ALERT: fashion buzzword according to QVC)  CORAL flourish.

And finally, for all you casual ladies who just want to go to City Hall and look casually, fancifully good — fancy tennis shoes:


I could barely pick which ones to highlight, so this is sparse. Fancy means being picky.

For pearl enthusiasts/wedding traditionalists, this is a must. Plus, the little mermaid would wear it.

Again, here’s that great coral color. (Yes, I am secretly a QVC lady…)  And this is sups modern.

Statement earrings:

And my absolutely favorite thing about this website, the hats! I want to get married 8 million times so I can wear all these hats.

Birds! Poufs! Blues!

And for the subtle but still fancy ladies in the house….

And headbands!

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who is fighting off wedding fever.

* Five points to Gryffindor for the Harry Potter reference/


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