BEYONCE! You move me.

29 Apr

Boss: Did you see Beyonce do the dougie in that video?

Co-worker: She does a lot more than that…

Me: Say whaaaaaaaa?

OhEmGEE Beyonce. Why you gotta be so sexy when you’re dancing around in knee-high socks and matching heels in a middle school cafeteria??

This song/video was made in collaboration with the National Association of Broadcasters Education Fund – as part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign. I know some people are hatin’ on this program like “don’t tell me I need to eat vegetables, bitch”  but personally, I think its pretty rad that the First Lady is helping to make America’s families and schools healthier by promoting good nutrition. Maybe that’s just me?

Ok, and ALSO – that dance is hot. I want to dance it right now. Maybe I will. How can I dance this dance???

Look out. This will be me and my biddies on the dance floor tonight. TGIF, motherfuckers.

This post brought to you by Tara, who is doing the Beyonce Bounce all over the office today 


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