Wrong Princess

28 Apr

I’m getting really annoyed with the whole royal wedding thing. Weddings are already kind of bastions of anachronistic tomfoolery – not that I REALLY mind, but still. Royalty itself is a relic of an age gone by, one during which folks inherited their awesomeness/capacity to rule, and merit/talent was, at best, a bonus. Ok, this is getting a little more annoying.

But how many little girls are drowning in an ever deepening whirlpool of Princess Complex, watching the folderol of a ROYAL WEDDING consume the airwaves and American attention, while folks are dying in tornadoes, and Fatah and Hamas have reached an accord potentially threatening a Mideast peace process, and we’ve engaged in “kinetic military action” or something in Libya, and Indiana is defunding Planned Parenthood…but you know, whatever.

Oh, and the wedding will cost 30 million USD.

But it’s cool – every little girl should dream for a wedding JUST LIKE THIS because that’s magical/realistic/healthy. Of course.

You know what Princess they should be dreaming of becoming? PRINCESS LEIA. At least she was badass and a Senator and friends with a Wookiee.

[Ed note: While we’re on the topic of Star Wars, can we fit in a craft mention? Please?]

Come on, people.

Come on.

This post is brought to you by Sam, who would much rather be invited to Princess Leia’s wedding.

One Response to “Wrong Princess”

  1. Maureen April 28, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

    Agreed x 1978435859

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