HUMP DAY: Get the Fever

27 Apr

So you know when Huff Post has those hilarious photo slideshows? Today’s slideshow, Books With Worst Dating Advice Ever, is so ripe with Hump Day goodness, its unreal. Take this for example:

Written by former Wall St. analyst JC Davies, this book “offers a practical course of treatment for dating within five unique cultures: Latino, Asian, Black, Indian, and Jewish. Plus, author J.C. Davies delivers the low down on every question you ever had about dating men of other races but were too PC to ask:”

•  Do Asian men like their women submissive? 
•  Are Jewish men really cheap? 
•  Are all Indian men well versed in the Kama Sutra? 
•  Do Latin lovers live up to their reputation? 
•  Do Black men actually have big, er, uh, equipment?

And please, please, pleeeeasee watch this video – a “trailer” for the book – which features a very cute and very hilarious Pretentious Literary Reviewer Alexander Douche (Pronounced “doo-shay.” (It’s French))

Davies draws from participant interviews, an undetermined amount of personal experience, and interviews with sex workers in New York. That’s right. “Straight from the whore-ses mouth.”

Since the book came out in February, Racy JC has gotten some criticism from pop culture blogs like Jezebel – who says the author “knit together her ethnic stereotypes with her fiscal stereotypes and make a cute little stereotype sweater.”

But as Davies herself said in a feature in New York Magazine, “Stereotypes, racist—all those words do is shut down the conversation,” she says now. “They make people afraid. We can never talk about race because anything to do with race is wrong.”

If you head on over to the Racy JC blog, Davies has some more actually kind of interesting takes on how we talk about race. You can Ask ‘Racy JC’ a relationship Q! And BOY. She’s got some advice for a husband whose wife has fantasies about being with black men, and he’s willing to fulfill that fantasty. (Very GGG!) I’m like, dying.

I can’t decide if this is utter silliness or an actually great way to open up conversations about racial/cultural/sexual norms.  Either way, this woman has sass, and I’m totally entertained.

Oh, and since we’re talking about hetero interracial relationships here, there’s also a book for the fellas out there who feature prominently in I Got the Fever:

This post brought to you by Tara, who, as you know, loves Wednesdays.

2 Responses to “HUMP DAY: Get the Fever”

  1. RL April 27, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Ms. Davies, I am NEVER too PC to ask!

  2. Racy JC April 28, 2011 at 10:34 am #

    RL I like your style and as for “Mislabeled” FINALLY someone that can handle the truth! Keep up the good work! We need feminists that actually know what that word means. Not equality for women we “approve” of, but quality for women everywhere. Women should be encouraged to do whatever they want to do whatever that might be, even if that is a porn star (something of equal distain like a relationship book writer) or something else “society” doesn’t approve of. Power to the people! And if you ever need anything from me don’t hesitate to call. JC

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