When the world gets you down…

26 Apr


Shiba Inu puppies, to be exact.

Yes, you know we love Boo, but sometimes, we need more than a couple pictures to keep us from utter despair. When the world starts beating up people in McDonald’s and politicians tell Floridians that men are being neutered, you just have to turn off the news and watch some flippin’ cute puppies.

So here you go. A livestream to six newborn puppies and their awesome mama. Watch away!

And, because it’s Tuesday, and I love you, and I love Julie Andrews, I give you a BONUS FEEL GOOD VIDEO!

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who thinks of puppies and then doesn’t feel so bad.


One Response to “When the world gets you down…”


  1. Old videos of talented young stars trump Osama bin Laden’s death in my book « mislabeled - May 3, 2011

    […] is our general philosophy, “When life gives you lemons, look at cute things” – this was a much needed overdose of cute to combat my unsettled feelings over the […]

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