Having a bad day? BOO-hoo!

21 Apr

So a couple of us are pretty intense followers of Boo, the cutest most adorable dog on Facebook.

No, we’re not just dumb girls who think puppies are so cute! Cute! Cute! (OK, well, maybe…) We are tapping into some powerful mental cheerleading. Having a bad day? Boo will cheer you up! Wearing your ugly clothes today? Boo is too! Except he’s a cute little puppy, and you’re not, so he looks great.  But you’re too busy looking into his cute puppy eyes or smiling at his cute puppy rolls that you don’t even feel bad! And that’s exactly what we need.

So join the thousands of Boo lovers all around the world and like Boo! Look at his pictures! Watch his videos! Read the crazy but happy! uplifting! comments posted in different languages under cute Mr. Boo. And most of all, forget about your nitpicking boss, your first world problems, even the cockroaches that march around your house at night.

This post is brought to you by Rachel, who loves Boo but hates his outfits.

One Response to “Having a bad day? BOO-hoo!”


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