HUMP DAY: Charts and Things

20 Apr

Sweet font, right? Its llama font. I thought it was mildly appropriate for HUMP DAY! That’s right. As you may know, its my third favorite day of the week.

(Probably if you’re at work and people can see your computer screen, here’s a general blanket statement that some of these links may or may not come with a minimal amount of risk.)

Tons of blogs are talking about OKCupid’s new sex charts – and why Jewish women aren’t tweeting/masturbating. Here are my favorites, a special treat for you on hump day! 

Other sex-related things:

In Rio, the vast majority of sex workers are adults who have had other jobs and freely choose prostitution because it pays so well. They are former maids, cooks, store clerks — even interns.” (NPR)

Speaking of sex for gain, Grandpa strips to pay for Medicare:

And for those [nerds like me] interested in the intersection of sex, culture and media, there exists a promising opportunity for youth and young adults to be better educated and serviced in the areas of sexual and reproductive health using digital and mobile technologies.

Oh, also, its Four-Twenty; so if that’s your jam, jam on. (there are some illustrations…)

UPDATE: New condoms! Thanks Wall Street Journal!

This post brought to you by Tara, who thinks charts are fun. 

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