DON’T TREAD ON D.C. (please?)

12 Apr

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and 40 other individuals were arrested yesterday for blocking/demonstrating on Constitution Avenue. The protests were over Congress’ constant control of D.C.

Today, they protested again, this time outside of a local Planned Parenthood clinic, which is appropriate because Congress wants to control D.C.’s public funds for abortion. Those D.C. license plates that boast ‘taxation without representation’ are bound for an upgrade if this proposal moves forward.

Some background – D.C. has territory rights, like Puerto Rico. We don’t have senators, and we don’t have a real representative – our delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton, can’t vote on any legislation, not even stuff that has to do with D.C. Which means the federal government runs this city, instead of D.C. running this city.

That’s right, even though we are taxed like everyone else, and we have American citizenship like everyone else, D.C. is treated kind of like the British treated the American colonists – taxation without representation, etc.

D.C. has been fighting FOR DECADES to get basic rights. But Congress ignores us, mostly because Republicans are D-bags and hypocrites and they love to tread on D.C. even though they’re all like DON’T TREAD ON ME! GET THE GOVERNMENT OFF MY BACK! But really they like to tread on people who can’t really do anything about it, and they don’t really care.

Like I said, D-bags.

So now that you’re updated: The deal that kept the government from shutting down last Friday included provisions that

A—will keep DC from using OUR OWN LOCAL FUNDS to provide abortion access to local women;

B – will force a  education program on D.C., even though it’s proven to be unsuccessful.

To summarize: Republicans keep messing with women’s health care (and education!), except now they’re doing it to a population that can’t fight back. And Democrats are letting them do it. It’s bullshit.

This post is brought to you by a DCist, who uses CAPLOCKS like Kanye when angry.

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